As a Mac user, I have used Roxio’s Toast DVD- and CD-burning software for years.  Their PC software has not been my favorite, until now, and now it is a no-brainer.  You’ve got to get this new software for your PC!

With the recent introduction of Roxio’s $100 Easy Media Creator 7.5, I think there is now a Swiss army knife of this software genre.  This is like Microsoft Office for your digital media because it really does everything, and it does it all so well and so easily, and everything is integrated for ease of use.

I’ll explain a bit more in a moment, but I have to first commend Roxio (now part of the excellent Sonic Solutions group) for a little added bonus so many consumers will love.  If you have a collection of old vinyl and cassettes as I do, and if you want to transfer them to CD or to your iPod, it could be done, but not as easily as with this new software.

They call this feature the LP and Tape Assistant, and it streamlines the conversion of analog recordings from the old media to the new digital format.  You can even use this capability to record audio from the Internet, such as Internet radio broadcasts that so many radio stations now offer.  The built-in Sound Editor allows for precise manipulation of audio files and the creation of your own audio mixes.

In addition to loads of features and other capabilities, Easy Media Creator 7.5 allows for the easiest transfer method I have seen.  In other programs, the LP or cassette can be transferred, but them you would have to go back and put separate out the individual song tracks and then mark them.  With Easy Media Creator 7.5, when transferring to an iPod or other MP3 player, or burning to CD, you get each song as an individual entity.  The “old” way is a time waster.  In the new way, thanks to Roxio, the software automatically senses each track and does the work for you, so that each track is transferred individually.  It’s so easy.

As for the other components, there are powerful applications for spicing up home videos and for creating compelling slideshows.  Combine videos and stills in one production.  It really is easy and intuitive.  Add credits, pan & zoom effects, transitions and background music.  Remember, too much of a good thing is NOT a good thing when it comes to putting together your own productions from home videos. You do not have to use every effect and transition in a video. However, used sparingly, Roxio’s goodies will make your work look better.

There is built-in support for LightScribe Direct Disc labeling technology in Label Creator, so if you get a new HP drive with LightScribe, this integrated program is all that is needed.

When you create the final product and burn it to a DVD, that DVD will have the on-screen look of a professional video, with a top menu you can be proud of.

Whether you have a digital camera, digital camcorder, portable music player or DVD burner, or all of them, you will want and like Easy Media Creator 7.5 on your PC!

More information is at or call 1-866-280-ROXI (7694).  Retailers include CompUSA, Best Buy, Fry’s and others.

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