Like the final touch on a masterpiece, our Roborock S7 is now even more beautiful and complete with the addition of the new Auto-Empty Dock that does as the name implies.

Instead of docking on its included single-purpose charging base, she now climbs the little ramp, docks to be charged and efficiently has the dirt vacuumed from the onboard Dustbin.

This vacuum-for-the-vacuum engages automatically and neatly transfers the dirt from the S7 into the bag that is inside the right tower of this new accessory. When the job is completed, she rests and recharges. Aaahhhh.

That is my cue to remove and wash the mophead, replenish the mop water, inspect the Dustbin filter for any needed attention and take a quick look at the Side Brush to remove any wrapped hair or fibers. OR, it can wait. After all, this setup is supposed to be a time saver. If done right away, all of these actions take less than 10 minutes. The time I no longer have to actively vacuum as before, pre-S7, is easy to lose sight of, isn’t it?

  • Auto-Empty Dock
  • New Dustbin compatible with the new dock
  • Two dirt bags
  • Documentation

The assembly consists of connecting the new ramp to the two towers using supplied screws and screwdriver. Now it’s time to install the dirt bag in to the R tower. Installed correctly with the tab properly situated, the R tower lid will go on. Placed incorrectly or, worse yet, without a bag, the lid will not be allowed to be placed and closed.

In the photos below, the disassembly of the R tower is for illustration only, In practice, it should rarely be necessary to take it apart, but I wanted you to see that is can come apart and how things fit together. As for the L tower, the one with the filters, you can see how easily the filters are removed for occasional rinsing in a sink. My other objective is to show the design and engineering excellence of the Auto-Empty Dock.

Next, check out the filters in the L tower. There are two. One is the central HEPA filter, while the other is a semicircular and washable pleated filter. In combination, these filters prevent dust from leaving the assembly of the S7 through to the bag in this new dock.

There is a little door under and to the side of the S7’s Dustbin cavity that must be removed, a pathway from the new Dustbin, through the new dock and into the disposable Dust Bag. The Auto-Empty Dock vacuum’s path begins under the S7, where its own powerful vacuum pulls from the S7 bottom, under the brush roller. It’s quite ingenious!

The final puzzle piece is to install the power cord and wrap any excess around the integrated cable management system.

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And now, it’s time to . . .


Let me offer a mental diagram. In this two-story home, using any vacuum involves an upstairs and a downstairs component. Either use one vacuum or two. The Roborock S7 acts as a hybrid. One S7, two docks. The original dock, it was decided, will be permanently stationed upstairs.

The Auto-Empty dock will live downstairs. Rotating into and out of service are three VibraRise Mop Cloths. With experience, I have a sense of when to pause cleaning and swap one out for a clean one. This takes about two minutes. And she’s off again.

Cleaning the dirty mop cloth takes a few easy minutes in the kitchen sink with a little bit of Dawn Dish Soap. Rinse and wring out, then press within the folds of a dish towel and it’s ready for another round. After the day’s vacuuming, I throw the used mop cloths in the washing machine on gentle without softener and let them air dry, or I wait and add them to my next wash load.

If only the Roborock S7 could carry herself upstairs!

The house is mapped in the Roborock App. Starting upstairs from her perch in the original dock, all that is needed is to direct her to her cleaning task according to the area to be cleaned. Then, choose from 1-3 passes, the scrubbing intensity and the vacuuming intensity. Press go and let her do her thing. She will automatically return to that dock when she has finished her rounds OR if she first senses the need for her Dustbin to be emptied. This has not yet occurred, however.

I usually choose to do either upstairs or downstairs, but not both on the same day. Because areas downstairs see higher foot traffic, S7 is sent through those areas with greater frequency.

When positioned downstairs after upstairs cleaning, S7 is placed on the floor near the Auto-Empty Dock. Through the app, she is sent to dock, finds the new dock and goes home, then automatically empties the Dustbin.

It is all quite orderly and definitely takes less time and effort than manually vacuuming, though there is still some of that as detailed in my original review. You know, the baseboards and corners, and other areas unreachable by the S7 or by any robot vacuum.

The Disposable Dust Bag should require replacement only about every eight weeks depending upon use, but time will tell. Replacements are available, so fear not. Get a dozen Dust Bags from Roborock here.


Without concern that I am overusing the term, “gamechanger,” the S7 has been just that. Here at Gadget Central, this double play robot vacuum that also incorporates wet mopping the floor has become a favorite time saving appliance.

The time we used to take to vacuum and mop the floors and to do vacuum touch-ups, plus vacuum the baseboards and other areas needing special attention has been drastically reduced.

Coming soon to Gadget Central is the Roborock H7 cordless stick vac. I can’t wait to see how it compares to competitive products! And, of course, I will report it all to you.

For those of you who purchased an S7 on my recommendation, here is the AED (Auto-Empty Dock) kit like mine in black or white. Or, here is the S7+ that includes the Auto-Empty Dock in white or black. Here is the S7 on its own in white or black. No matter what you choose, I hope you will enjoy yours as much as we do.


Both the individual pieces and the combo products are covered by Roborock’s standard one year warranty.

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