Cleaning hard floors is a pain. Use a broom and dustpan for small dry spills?

When there is a large wet mess, we can take out the mop and bucket, then deal with a dirty mop, dirty mop water, then clean mop water and so on. OR, more often, we use old towels to sop up the mess.

I have used Swiffers, both dry and wet. My issue is that the dry ones are good for sopping up a small spill, but not cleaning the floor of the liquid from the spill. For that, I have used a wet Swiffer. After using a wet Swiffer, the floor is wet from either the wet or dried on floor mess or from the wet Swiffer’s cleaning agent. Then, the floor is coated with the Swiffer cleaner solution intermingled with the mess it was supposed to clean up. Highly unsatisfying, but convenient, though the result is not a clean, odor-free, chemical-free floor.

How about the Hoover Floor Mate, Bissell Crosswave and similar products? Nothing special there. Corded products like these are inconvenient to use and to store and their design and size can make it difficult to get into corners as well as along the floor edges.

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None of these clean the grout. Yes, I know, not all floors have grout. Some are sealed hardwood and laminates, or sheet vinyl flooring.

Floor steamers? Steam is the best chemical-free cleaner. We have this floor steamer and it has its place, but, like the others, it is not something any of us would want to use daily. It also uses 1500 Watts of electricity, which means it is possible to throw a circuit breaker from using it as has happened here at Gadget Central. This thing is big and awkward. The time and effort commitment required to use it, not to mention the electrical load renders it a bottom-of-mind idea for daily use. Still, there is a place for steam cleaning floors and grout.

Is there a cleaner both cordless and convenient to use, effective for daily use on small wet and dry messes? OR one that can effectively give a daily once-over to high traffic areas throughout the house?

YES! Enter the $450 Roborock Dyad, which we have used for many months here at Gadget Central. Now, I am comfortable providing a review, confident that we know what needs to be known that can come only from use over time, lots of time. I am not comfortable doing less than complete reviews that beg questions you could ask. Of what value are those?

Roborock Dyad – the Goods Laid Bare

Charged, on its stand, filled with water and a tiny amount of proprietary OMO Roborock cleaning solution it’s always at the ready for daily once over in the heavily trafficked kitchen where spills happen every freaking day! Then, on MY schedule, use it all over the house on bare floors wherever it is needed. Wherever there is a small dry or wet spill, Dyad can vacuum it up and dry the floor. In combination with other vacuuming products, here at Gadget Central Dyad is what we use daily to keep the floors from the front door and through the kitchen clean and mess-free.

Voice prompts let us know when emptying the dirty water is called for, as well as when to add clean water, when the rollers are being cleaned on the charging base and when charging is needed.

Grab it and go, then put it back on its stand. Hit the button to clean the rollers. Empty the dirty water. Keep the clean water tank topped up. Do a thorough roller cleaning weekly at MY convenience or whenever it becomes needed off-schedule.

Roborock Dyad is the only dual motor, multi-roller wet and dry vacuum around and it cleans from edge-to-edge.


  • Dyad and all its component parts and pieces, ready to assemble
  • Cleaning brush
  • Documentation


Follow the instructions, read thoroughly, and assemble Dyad. It’s not difficult, nor is disassembly if needed. I learned more from watching the videos on Amazon than from the documentation in the Dyad box. At the above link, click to watch the video, then discover several other informative how-to videos about Dyad.

Dyad is equipped with a 5000 mAH battery. That’s enough for 35 minutes of non-stop use covering up to 3056 square feet.

The informative LED screen indicates the cleaning mode, battery life and shows areas of a buildup of dirt.

Have a look at the manual.

Charged, ready to go, the clean water tank filled with clean water and a scant amount of the effective and economical Roborock-recommended cleaning solution, it’s time to  . . .


Pull her from her perch on the charging and cleaning stand and roll her over to where cleanup is needed. If it’s not so far from the base, I power her on and motor on over. Sometimes, I lift her off the charger and carry her to the cleaning area. There is no rule, but know that there is some heft to the Dyad, so keep this in mind.

Once in place near the mess, power on. Wait a moment for the solution to penetrate the rollers, then go, slowly and deliberately back and forth. If the mess is not immediately lifted, she might automatically shift from auto to higher power, or do this manually by pressing the power button for a moment. Water flow rate and roller speed increase. Then, press and hold the power button for two seconds to enter a short drying mode before she automatically returns to auto cleaning mode.

The cleaning head easily articulates around objects and corners and is easily directed with a lean and twist while in forward motion.

When the task is completed, it’s either back to the docking stand and the roller cleaning mode with its own button OR it’s time to empty the dirty water tank, clean it out and refill the clean water tank.

Auto roller cleaning does not remove hair or fibers that may encircle one or more rollers. In this case, it is necessary to remove the rollers from the head and cut the hair or fibers. If I am doing this, then I also wash the rollers in the sink using dish soap. I also do a thorough job cleaning the head cavity with the rollers removed. This is where I use the brush tool that came with Dyad and that includes a swing out cutter for those pesky hairs and fibers. It’s sort of like a pocket knife. Hey, dirt happens! Knowing that the schmutz is in the cleaning head’s recesses and no longer on the floor tells me that Dyad is doing her job well.

Dyad does not stand on her own away from the charging stand. Instead, there is a pull out prop-stand that lays flat against her body when not in use. The stand also functions as an easy way to get to the bottom, to the rollers and the entire underside.

We all know the saying, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” Applied here, there is no way to maintain a clean, really clean floor, without hard work.

Dyad is a useful tool here at Gadget Central that is sometimes used more than once per day.

Any Negatives?

Integrating Dyad into our assortment of floor care tools has been both easy and rewarding, even with maintenance requirements.

There is nothing specific to Dyad that we do not like. It is thoughtfully, masterfully designed and built. When thinking about the product, there are no negatives that come to mind by anyone in residence. We are all fond of Dyad and appreciate the job it does.

Dyad Instead of . . .?

Does Dyad replace other cleaning devices? That’s a tough one because of the unique circumstances that exist here. We are blessed with several floor care options due to product testing and evaluation opportunities. Choosing from among resident robot vacuums, corded and stick vacuums, and all the other tools at our disposal, what do we use? What do we choose? What do we recommend? That is the toughest question to answer. Here, it is a mix, depending upon need. For YOU, my best advice does not come easily. For some tech questions, a clear and decisive answer comes to mind. Here? This is not the case. Budget is the main driver. Within your budget, what grabs you? What would serve your need and lifestyle best. Only you can decide. Whatever the choice may be, please share it with me. Email me – MrGadget at MrGadget dot com.


Roborock Dyad has proven essential for us and for our lifestyle. It has become routine to press her into service every time her capabilities are needed.

Dyad is highly recommended! Get yours from Amazon.


Roborock Dyad comes with the manufacturer’s one year warranty.

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