Among my guilty pleasures is attending the annual International Housewares Show in Chicago.  Every year I find new and different things, not necessarily of a traditional nature in my work.  Such was the case with Primula Flowering Tea.  I had a taste and was hooked!

If you like tea, you will love the art and taste of these. If you are new to the game, this is a great place to start and stay a while.  Relax with a pot of tea, with many varieties from which to choose, from single types in packages to variety packs with many tastes.  In addition to simply drinking in their goodness with your palate, it is a feast for the eyes as they flower in the pot of hot water.  The tea flowers are also so aromatic and the feel of the warm cup contributes to the soothing, relaxing feeling when enjoying these fine teas.  With the involvement of FOUR of your five senses – Sight, Taste, Smell and Touch – what could be more enjoyable?  Add your own soothing background sounds and you’ve hit the sensory lottery!

I started with their 40-ounce Borosilicate Glass Teapot with a canister of 12 different green teas with jasmine flavor.  Each flower may be steeped three times, each in succession with reduced flavor intensity. The canister’s contents, therefore, produce more than 250 cups of tea!  This is an experience to be shared!

Delicious – Soothing – Relaxing – Calming.

I went into this NOT a tea fancier more than just a casual drinker of tea, rarely at home and always with a Chinese or Japanese meal. I know that tea is THE drink to so many of you.  I felt it was something quite special when I first tasted the samples, so I had to pay attention to my senses and recognize that this information is important to share with you.  Now, as indicated, I am quite the convert, enjoying the experience at home.  I have been enjoying the varieties above, looking forward to trying some of the others from Primula.  The 40-ounce pot comes with an infuser so it can be used with the flowering teas, sans infuser, as well as with loose teas of all types and descriptions with the infuser, and with tea packs.

The teapot is dishwasher and microwave safe!

Prices run from about $30 for the pot and 12-pack or tea described above.

Just be sure to learn the ideal water temperature for each tea to be savored.  Experiment!  Learn – 1, 2, 3, 4.  The best temperature-controlled electric kettle is by Chef’sChoice, their model 688, about $100 from

For yourself or as a gift, Primula teas will be savored and appreciated!

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