I’ve been a fan of Pogoplug since it was first introduced to me at the 2009 CES in Las Vegas.  Since that time, I have tried to make it my mission, among other things, to proselytize on behalf of this amazing, useful and in all ways excellent technology and the products using it.

This is one of THE coolest gadgets ever!


The biggest hurdle to overcome is the concept.  Geeks get it, and that is fine. However, I see Pogoplug as an ultimately easy way for the rest of us to access our own stuff from anywhere and to share our files – documents, videos, music, photos – with those of our choosing anywhere on the globe.

The ONLY impediment to extreme satisfaction is your Internet upload speed. This is the limiting factor.  If you are on the least expensive service featuring under 1Mbps upload speed, the speed at which you and your guests can access your stuff is limited to a pretty slow speed.  Alternatively, if you’ve got pretty speedy service, you’re really going to like what you can do.  Read their FAQs. Explore the site for more pearls of wisdom! Test your Internet speed at www.speedtest.net.

It’s not that simple in reality, but Pogoplug makes it that simple. Really.  You can read and learn how they have software in the Pogoplug that lets users play videos, listen to music, view photos, even slideshows, and more from within a browser window when accessing Pogoplug from the outside. In other words, Pogoplug takes the geek out of a geeky product.  Pogoplug can even be set to publish to the user’s social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and others. And it works with Macs and Windows PCs, and more, but you don’t really care about that.  Most of you will get along perfectly well with the $99 Pogoplug Pro, available exclusively at all US Best Buy locations.

Pogoplug developers are working hard to offer more and more, making the experience better for everyone.

And once you’ve purchased a low-cost Pogoplug Pro, using it is FREE forever.  Businesses should also look into the new Pogoplug Biz.

And what about Cloud Computing?  Again, geeks are already in the loop. As for the rest of us, all the term means is that storage of data is uploaded to an off-site location. This can and usually IS quite expensive.  The more stored in the “Cloud” the more expensive it is.

With Pogoplug and their better idea the cloud is at your location.  Connecting hard drives to your Pogoplug, that becomes your personal cloud, streaming UNLIMITED wherever and whenever whatever you want.

use my Pogoplug to post all manner of documents to which I will want access when I am on the road.  Rather than have to have my computer at Gadget Central on and sucking up electricity when I am not there, I use low power external drives connected to my Pogoplug that can stay on and cost very little. Before leaving, I load up all my files and access them while on the road from any computer, iPad or iPhone.

I do the same for my music and videos, loading drives with all the content I could ever want, accessible from wherever I am, whenever I want it.

And I can share with specific persons or with everyone whatever photos, videos and music, unrestricted.

There is much more that Pogoplug can do, but my goal is to keep it as simple as possible here, encouraging you to explore and discover other capabilities on your own. I want you to see that these capabilities may be of interest and benefit after you discover that the concept itself makes sense to and for you.

With the fast Internet speeds I enjoy by virtue of our Verizon FiOS service, I am able to stream to multiple people simultaneously without stuttering or other interruption.

Get to know Pogoplug, won’t you?  For yourself or as a gift, this is enabling technology at its finest.  Pogoplug is your personal cloud and can be so useful.  You just have to look into it, understand it and then you’ll “get it,” too!

How can you use Pogoplug?  Just think of the possibilities.

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