SeberTech is a name I had not heard before.  Nor had I heard of the SeberTool.

I love my job! I received E-mail about the SeberTool by SeberTech and that was that.  I received one model, the M4, ($34.95), to evaluate. It’s a dandy.  I really like it.

The key chain hole is part of the closed mechanism, and when it is opened, the hole also opens, so the M4 is released from the key chain.  It’s quite an ingenious design, though similar to some other products in this area.  The tool has a feel of precision.  The stainless steel mechanism is solid, yet lightweight and consists of 10 tools.  Here’s what you get: Fine pliers and large pliers; wire cutters and strippers; knife; tweezers; file; bottle opener; small and large screwdrivers; and large Philips screwdriver.


Unique in this kind of product is an innovative locking design that prevents the tools from closing without releasing the locking mechanism.  All this and the M4 weighs only 1.6 ounces!

Cool tool!  Other SeberTools, the M2 ($19.95) and M3 ($24.95) are also available, and all are made in the US and backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.  Find the SeberTools at Wal-Mart, Sears, Ace Hardware and other home centers nationwide.

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