This is the Plantronics Voyager 4310 UC Bluetooth Headset by Poly also known as Poly V4310.

Plantronics was bought by Poly, a leader in office conference phones. Plantronics has been a leader in Bluetooth headsets for many years, so it’s a good pairing. Their over-the-ear Voyager model 5200 UC set the standard in design and performance in that category. So beloved is their iconic design of that product that it has been copied by the worst in the industry, delivering inferior products. Now, that’s a great design!

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Poly V4310 ($124 as of this writing) is a new product with a number of positive attributes. The single-ear over-the-head with boom mic is not new or unique. What it does and how it performs are exemplary. Let’s get into the particulars.

Simultaneously connect to compatible computers and a mobile device.

The headset’s padded headband is adjustable for all day comfort. With one ear covered, ambient sounds are not blocked to the user. With one speaker, it is designed for productivity on the road, at home, home office or for use in a traditional office setting.

The boom mic can be flipped for headset use on either ear. A mute button is on the boom.

Poly/Plantronics has an iOS and Android app, PLT Hub, a must for greatest satisfaction. Within the app users will find available firmware updates, general settings, tutorials, and a duplication of the little packed-in card that details, “Buttons & Lights” use. This is very handy. In addition, the app provides current available Talk Time and the serial number of the connected headset. Finally, should the headset become buried or if it goes AWOL, a tap on Find My Headset sends loud tones through the speaker. If found, a tap on the “Found” button ceases the tones.

Poly V4310 is equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, V 5.2.

General settings include 16 language choices, toggles for Call Announcement, Audio Channel Tone, Notification Tones, Online Indicator, Ringtone, HD Voice (for wideband audio that is said to enhance speech clarity IF the user’s phone and services carrier supports the feature). HD Voice “consumes significant battery power, resulting in reduced talk time.”

Additional settings include a Mute Reminder, set to Off, When I Speak (and audible reminder) or at selected timed intervals. Deeper into Mute, there are choices of Mute Alerts to be Voice, Double Tone or Single Tone.

An incoming second call notification can be set to ring once, ring continuously or ignore.

When the volume setting is at minimum or maximum, there are choices of how the user is alerted, with either a tone or voice. Deeper into this, these tones can be selected to be heard at every level or only at minimum or maximum volume.

It can be disconcerting to hear no sidetone on a call. This is the amount of the user’s voice fed back into the headset. Set for low, medium or high. In this way, using the headset feels akin to the speaker feedback experienced with an old home or office phone system.

There is an available Anti-Startle (G616) Noise Exposure setting. This industry standard protects against acoustic shock from a sudden high volume. Within this category are choices to limit daily exposure to either 80db or 85db. These settings are specified by and reflective of current legislation. Finally, in this area, are selections for daily device use of 8 hrs, 6 hrs, 4 hrs or 2 hrs. Very thoughtful!.

Within the Settings area, the final selection is Reset Device.

Employing what the manufacturer calls, “dual-mid Acoustic Fence technology,” the headset virtually eliminates background noise.

Connectivity is easy. Shipping with a BT700 USB-A adapter, the headset connects with a nearby computer. Get up and stretch, move about and wander up to 164 feet away under ideal conditions.

Fully charged, wireless use is pegged at up to 24 hours of talk time. As a wired headset connected to a computer with the included cable, there is unlimited talk time and the headset charges at the same time.

Poly V4310 Bluetooth Headset is certified for Microsoft Teams.


  • Headset
  • Charging cable and USB adapter
  • Carrying bag with a tiny pocket for the tiny USB-A to USB-C adapter
  • Documentation


READ and Re-READ the instructions. Download PLT Hub app. Power on and pair. Learn and perform the desired settings. Charge as needed because it’s time to . . .


The best way to test any headset is to use it (stating the obvious!). First up, I made a call to one of my friends who is accustomed to rendering an opinion of the call quality. A big thumbs on this one. He said it sounded perfect, with absolutely no artifacts and nothing in the negative column. In other words, he said his attention was NOT drawn to the fact that I was on a headset.

While on the call and through my computer’s speakers, I started at full volume a little video playing big city background noise that includes cars and truck and sirens. He said the background sounds were barely perceptible. That was impressive.

Practice, practice, practice adjusting such things as volume, accurately pressing the dump call button, summoning the virtual assistant (Siri), accurately finding and using the Mute button on the mic boom, and more.

After three days of exclusively using this headset at my desk, I can say with conviction that it is easily all-day comfy. Siri likes it and responds accordingly.

What’s missing? Pricier headsets provide auto-muting when the boom mic is raised. Pricier headsets come with two speakers and ANC (Automatic Noise Cancellation). Pricier headsets come with a metal charging stand and one is optionally available for this headset (Including the charging stand).

Poly V4310 Bluetooth Headset is feature rich and is a genuine value in its class. I know of no other headset of its type and in its class that does a better job and includes as many essentials as does this headset.


Just about perfect! Great job, Poly. Poly V4310 Bluetooth Headset is highly recommended.

What’s not perfect? At this price, nothing really.


Manufacturer’s two-year limited warranty

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