This is for real, so I’ll tell you up front.  Get the Philips Sonicare Elite.  It has my strongest endorsement – a High Tech smile for your High Tech Home!

Forget about those replaceable battery-operated toothbrushes in the supermarket.  Don’t bother with any of the other powered toothbrushes.  Get and stick with the leader that is above all others, and it is this one.

I have tried the original Sonicare and liked it very much. It was what I used until I tried the NEW model.  I have been commended by my dentist for the great job Sonicare does for me.  I thought it was time to have a look at this newer model introduced about a year ago.  Same great clean feeling, better designed handle and brushes as well as other features.  According to the company, “the Sonicare Elite is clinically proven to remove 20% more plaque from hard-to-reach areas than earlier Sonicare models, and improves gum health by reversing gingivitis and helping shrink periodontal pockets.”

Ignore the price.  It’s your ONLY set of permanent teeth.  Sonicare toothbrushes sold in the US come with their 28-day no risk guarantee that says, “Sonicare is proud to offer you the most advanced power toothbrush available. Our sonic technology and dynamic cleaning action have made Sonicare the power toothbrush brand U.S. dental professionals personally use most. We want to make sure that you fall in love with your Sonicare toothbrush too. We’re so confident we’re providing you with the best toothbrush in the market that we’re offering our 28-Day No-Risk Guarantee.” You have NOTHING to lose.

The Elite is lightweight, easy to hold and the new brush design has a slim shaft that feels great in the mouth.  The built-in recharge gauge shows how much charge remains.  I was able to easily get two weeks’ use before recharging, but I recommend leaving it on the no-contact, safe, inductive charger base except when traveling.  Speaking of travel, it comes with its own travel case, though the charger does not fit inside.

The Easy-Start feature gently increases brushing power over the first 14 uses to help new users become accustomed to the tingling sensation felt when using Sonicare.  It’s the feeling of clean!

Then, there’s the unique Quadpacer system that signals the user after each 30-second period as a signal to move to the next section of the mouth.  After four of these intervals, the Sonicare automatically turns off.  The brush is soft and will last six months before replacement is required.  And if you spend the time and effort, as many do, to have your teeth whitened, the Sonicare Elite will help maintain that new, whiter smile.

The Sonicare Elite does all the work.  No pressure is needed. Just gently apply the brush to the teeth with whatever toothpaste your dentist recommends and press the button to turn it on.  Be sure it is IN your mouth before starting or there will be a big toothpaste mess to clean up.

Recharging is automatic.  Just place it in its charger cradle to keep it charged and ready for years of service.

Look, I’m no dental expert, but I do know quality consumer products and technology, and I do trust my dentist.  In this product, I do not even care about how it does its job.  What matters to me is that the job is done.  No hype, just results. The investment you make for your family in this product will yield positive results that can last forever.  Just buy and keep using (properly) the Sonicare Elite.

Sonicare Elite is available almost everywhere, from Costco to Wal-Mart to Target and many more stores.   As if it matters, the basic Elite 7300 model I found online through for about  $85, while the Elite 7500 model was found for as little as $118 through on  Replacement brushes, sold in a 2-pack, are as little as $20 through the same online search.

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