I first had hands-on with this printer back in August and recommended it for the back-to-school crowd.  Now, after using it since that time, I am even more a fan of this little wonder.  That is why I am recommending the MFC-J825DW as a wonderful holiday (and any time) choice for homes, dorms and small offices.

First, please read my original review.

Now let me give you the update.  Performance has been flawless.  Used primarily wirelessly here at Gadget Central, everyone has become accustomed to selecting this printer when color is needed instead of the other choice we have, our outstanding Brother MFC-8890DW (reviewed here), now selling for as low as $400 from Amazon.  Don’t be surprised if soon there is a replacement for this model and the links above are no longer valid.

We’ve had fun (and the fun continues) with the new color Brother, printing photos and color docs.  At Halloween time, we made color iron-on transfers for T-shirts.  They came out perfectly, with vibrant colors and clarity as good as if we had taken the photos to a shop specializing in putting images on T-shirts.

Not once has it misbehaved.  I have been pleasantly surprised at its low ink consumption, as well.  It is difficult to gauge this in normal, everyday use. I am not one who would find a photo and print it until the ink runs dry, and using the figure to suggest ink yields. This is lab-testing stuff.  I use printers in the real world!  All I can tell you is that I have used many color inkjet printers and this one seems as good as I can recall in that department.

Prices for replacement ink seem reasonable.

Photos printed on photo paper look just great! I’ve printed from images on a computer as well as directly from an inserted memory card.

The touchscreen has proved fun and easy, allowing one-touch upload of scanned photos and docs to Google Docs, Facebook and Picasa.  This is a function done at the unit, not wirelessly.

I connected a phone line long enough to test faxing capabilities. I set a multi-page doc in the ADF and flawlessly faxed to another party.  Incoming faxing tested without a hitch, too.  Oh, and I also used the printer’s software to fax wirelessly from a document in a computer.

I could keep going on, telling you that nothing has disappointed me, listing each and every function, but I will not.  All you need to know is that this little printer, with its many useful features, has not missed a beat.

I have to offer kudos for the unique printing onto optical media capabilities.  It has been quite some time since I have had a printer with this capability, and I like having it once again.  We’ve had fun printing “labels” directly onto CDs and DVDs.  Now, when I burn a disk, I can make a nice looking visual that is so much better and neater than just writing on it.

No, it is not the fastest at any task.  No, there is no manual bypass for a sheet or more of special paper. No, there is not a straight-through paper path for those instances of printing onto thick paper or envelopes I don’t want to curl.  All of that hasn’t mattered. I’ve loaded special paper inside and printed envelopes successfully and they have not been as curled as I had expected.  None of these observations are shortcoming or flaws.  They are simply the way it is and not a mistake in need of correction.  Bear in mind the cost of this machine.  For the money, it is a bargain, even at its list price, but almost amazing at the lower prices I am seeing online today.

I do suggest getting  a VPN (virtual privet network) to protect your computer and all the pictures you have stored on there. I would look up the top VPNs and go from there.

I see the MFC-J825DW is available at incredible prices, the lowest of which is $90 TODAY, also at Amazon, but this might just be a holiday price, so don’t shoot me if you find it costing more.

Thanks, Brother! You haven’t let me down.  I’m still impressed.

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