For as little as a dollar more than Internet access alone, someone you know can get a speedy PC AND online with PeoplePC!  For that reluctant someone, this is the gentle nudge that makes sense. They’re going to pay the monthly online access fee anyway, so they might as well get something else for the money, too.

A PeoplePC membership, for as little as $24.95 per month, offers a four-year complete computing package that includes a brand name computer, unlimited Internet access, full product warranty and 24×7 customer service.  Other packages with more goodies and more powerful computers, including a laptop option are also available.

You see, they’re betting that their members will really like the experience of getting online with a new computer and with their excellent service.  Further, PeoplePC is betting their members will do what many of you (and I) are doing once online – shopping!  And that’s how they figure they will strengthen the relationship with their members, through shopping!  Looks good too me!

It also looks like a good idea as a gift for someone special or maybe even for YOU!  (I know, you’re logging on and reading this from work or from a friend or relative’s computer!)

The membership extras include PeopleShop – shopping for all sorts of gadgets and peripherals specifically tested for compatibility with the PeoplePC computer.  Select from fun goodies such as digital cameras, MP3 players and scanners.

PeoplePal is another extra that includes on-the-spot special deals, coupons and rebates.

PeoplePages is a free, quick and easy-to-use Web page publishing tool that allows the member to easily create a customized web page up to 10MB to share with family and friends.

I’ve had a look at the computers offered and I’m satisfied that they’re good ones.  I asked to see what they send the typical member for $24.95 per month and received an HP computer (a good and reliable brand) with a 766 MHz Intel Celeron processor, 64 MB RAM, 30 GB Hard drive, CD-ROM, Windows ME and lots more, including a complement of useful software and Polk Audio speakers, that, though small, sound pretty darn good.  The only thing I would add is additional RAM.  It’s certainly cheap enough today. For less than $50, an additional 128 MB can be installed, after purchase, with deals found on the Internet and installed by a knowledgeable friend (it’s simple to add RAM).

I think it’s a good deal for the person starting his or her Internet experience. There’s the unlimited Internet access, a good computer, the service and the community.  It’s worth a look and would be a good gift choice for mom, dad or others you love!

More information is HERE or call 1-800-PEOPLEPC.

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