With all the digital camera from which to choose, here’s one that may be just what Dad would really like for Father’s Day!  And the printer completes the circle.

Remember Olympus’ compact STYLUS point & shoot film cameras?  You or your dad might be among the, oh, 20 million or so who bought one.  Now, Olympus has taken the same concept of winning design to new heights with their new line of STYLUS digital cameras.

The Olympus Stylus 410 is an ultra compact, sleek and stylish all metal, weather resistant four megapixel model with advanced features and point & shoot simplicity.  It’s pocket-sized, splash-resistant and is perfect for shooting sports, the family or for just about anything.  Even the built-in microphone is water resistant so recording short QuickTime movies with sound or stills with audio captions can be easily accomplished.

The camera sports a 3x optical and 4x digital zoom, macro mode, tiny postage-stamp size x-D memory and rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.  List price is $349.

The Olympus P-10 printer, also with its own unique look, is a stylish 4” x 6” and 3.5” x 5” dye sublimation printer for near photo lab quality prints.  Prints can be edge to edge with or without borders.  PictBridge technology allows direct connection via USB between the camera and the P-10 printer – NO computer needed. PictBridge is an industry standard so the connection works between the prunter and any other PictBridge-enabled digital camera.  Prints are ready in 45 seconds.  Of course, the printer is also compatible with both OS X Macs (software coming “soon” according to the Olympus Website) and Windows PCs for printing through a connected computer.

With this pair, dad can take pictures of his favorite subjects, email them to friends and print the memories instantly with outstanding quality, easily and without messy supplies.

The Stylus 410 camera carries an estimated street price of $349, while the P-10 printer is $199.  Online, through www.nextag.com I found the printer for as little as $150, delivered, and the camera delivered for as little as $280.  A 100-pack of photos and printer ribbons was found there for as little as $45, for a per-print cost of 45 cents.

Ah, dad’s going to love these!  More information and dealer location is at http://www.olympusamerica.com.

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