This is what it took to convince me, a lifelong blade user, to finally switch.  The new Norelco Quadra Action razor is making shaving not such a chore.  I won’t go so far as to say it makes shaving fun, but it’s as close to fun as it can get.

I was skeptical about this new razor as I have been about all previous attempts with competitive products over the years.  The other times I tried and with other products, it was not comfortable.  It was not as close a shave, and if I tried to get a closer shave, the irritation was not worth the effort, despite testing the products over a t least two to three weeks to give my face the chance to become accustomed to the new method.  I tried. I really tried.

Enter the new Norelco Quardra Action.  From the start, it just felt right, even in my hand.  The gentle roundless fits so well and was so comfortable, as compared to the others with their rather rectangular shapes.  The place where the thumb sits and where the gentle recess that is the switch is located is a smooth, pleasing-to-the touch plastic.  Really, it is.

The Norelco Quadra Action razor is equipped with a two-stage cutting system that provides Norelco’s closest and most convenient shave ever, without the nicks and cuts of a blade. Because your beard grows at different lengths, the Quadra’s two stage cutting system is specially designed with slots and holes. The slots catch and cut longer hairs, and the holes catch and cut short stubble.  This system is very effective used with a beard brush and comfortable on the face, at least it is on MY face.

It’s easy to clean – just rinse the razor under the faucet with plain water after each use or wait until the little faucet symbol on the LCD display blinks to indicate it’s time to clean.

The LCD Display also shows remaining shaving time and battery level in two ways – a semi-circular series of bars that, when dark show charged and when light show empty, and, an actual estimated time remaining, in minutes, shows the estimated number of minutes remaining from the 46 minutes or so of shave time it starts with.  If the battery runs low, plug it in and operate from the cord, then leave the cord attached to charge. Norelco has thought of everything.

There’s also a pop-up trimmer for grooming moustaches and sideburns.  I also use it to trim my goatee. I can shave so precisely, I rarely have to use another method to delineate the shave line around the hair on my face.  I know this is way too much info for some of you, but I wanted to let all of you know how good this Norelco is and the only way I know is to relate it to my own personal experience that many of you will appreciate because it also applies to you.

The patented “Lift & Cut technology,” as in other Norelco razors, shaves hair below the skin because the razor has a set of blades that lifts your hairs, allowing another set of blades to cut the hair.  It works!

The razor heads have contoured shaving action which automatically adjust to the shape of your face and reach those areas that are always more difficult to shave, like under the nose, chin and by the ears.

The Norelco Quadra Action razor is available at retailers nationwide and will make a great gift for dad.  The four models of the Quadra razor range in price from $119-$159. For more information call 1-800-243-3050 or visit  Like all Norelco shavers, Quadra carries a 60-day money back guarantee. To find out more about the guarantee, visit


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