The growing SharkNinja family of products is everywhere! From vacuums and blenders to, well, cookware.

I’ve been using their smartly-designed nesting duo of saucepans. Ideal for space-challenged homemakers, the handles are sturdy cast stainless steel. When nested, the handles provide the buffer space that protects the surface of the pan below. Even the lids stack atop one another, though not solidly nested, offering space-saving characteristics.

This small set includes a 2-1/2-quart saucepan and a 3-1/2-quart saucepan, both of which are essential kitchen sizes.

The pans themselves have a strong “shot blasted” texture that is said to resist scratches in similar fashion to stainless steel. Free of PFOA, lead and cadmium, every piece in the line is also low maintenance and dishwasher safe, though hand washing is recommended to avoid contact with custic dishwasher soaps. I have only hand washed my pair.

Unlike nonstick cookware that has a flat, smooth surface these have a distinctly textured surface. The textured cooking surface is deigned to be safe and unmarred by certain metal utensils including tongs, whisks, spoons and spatulas, but avoid using knives, forks and other utensils that might cut deeply into the coating. According to Ninja, these pots (and pans), “will not stick, chip or flake.”

These heavy duty NeverStick pots are also oven safe to 500º. Start on the stove and finish in the oven. Lids are oven safe to 400º. Forged of heavy-gauge aluminum, they are said to heat evenly to prevent burning, while the exclusive coating is not only nonstick but also allows for searing, similar to when using cast iron cookware.

The heft of these pans tells a story of the feel of quality throughout while the coating exudes long-lasting non-stick capabilities as has been demonstrated through my use.

I am always mindful that even cheap pans can be nonstick out of the box, then quickly lose their release capability. While I cannot say that these pans will be nonstick through their 10-year warranty period, I would like to think that with proper, recommended use & care, they will perform admirably for many years to come.

Unlike some nonstick cookware these pans can take high heat when it is called for. Instructions suggest pre-heating, even to higher heat than that which the user may be accustomed. The included guide offers heating level suggestions from low heat to high heat.

Speaking of heat and stovetop use, these are safe for all ranges, including, “gas, electric, electric coil, halogen, induction, and ceramic cooktops.” Mine is natural gas.

What a blessing to have these strategically, well-thought, nesting pots that save kitchen cabinet space. So smart, so very smart!

  • 2-1/2 quart pot with lid
  • 3-1/2 quart pot with lid
  • Use & care instructions with warranty information

READ the information on the box and the packed-in use & care information and follow it! Wash, dry, enjoy, repeat. And now, it’s time to  . . .


• Pre-heated on medium-high heat, I put an egg straight for the shell into the small pot with nothing else. I swirled it about to prevent sticking, but it stuck just a little, until released with a utensil. Why would anyone fry an egg without even a tiny bit of oil or butter? Yuck! Would the egg slide out easily? YES, but I won’t do this again.


• Brown a piece of chicken. For this, I started with medium heat and a teaspoon of olive oil, using tongs to turn the skinless, boneless breast.

• Make a burger in the larger pot. Yes, I know these are not sauté pans, but making a burger is a good way to see if they do a good job browning with just the minimal fat from the ground beef. This was pre-heated on high heat. Rare, please. Nice job, and fast, adding some cheese after flipping. I used a spatula to remove the burger when cooked to my liking.

• Now, to use these pots for an intended purpose. In the larger pot on medium high, I sautéed cut up onions and peppers with a tablespoon of olive oil, then deglazed the pan with some chicken stock and let it cook down. Adjusting the heat to medium, I added uncooked cut up boneless chicken breast, lid on, tossing every minute or so. Once the chicken was browned, I dropped the temperature to low and added some Asian sauce. The mix simmered until the chicken was fully cooked, about 6 minutes. Off the heat, spooning onto plates for serving and . . . delicious.

• The long stainless steel handles attached with rivets have stayed cool enough to pick up the pots without pot holders when used on the stove. The closer I moved towards the rivets, the higher the temperatures. With oven use, ALWAYS use protection as the handles get very hot.


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I love using these pots. Cleanup is so easy. The non-stick capabilities are appreciated as well as the nesting feature. The ONLY other consideration is that like other high-quality cookware, these pans are not lightweight. Some users may find them to be heavy, but this is a subjective judgment.

Will they stand the test of time? I cannot predict, but with the strong warranty backing them, I am hopeful I will not need to exercise it.

Get this cookware! This two-piece set is available from Amazon, as are other sets with more pieces.


Manufacturer’s 10-year parts and labor

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