I’ve just learned of this NEW service offered by InfoStreet, a leader in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry.  More on SaaS later.  For now, head on over to StreetSmart Meeting, have a look and sign up as I just did!

This just seems smart, even more so at this time – it’s nearly Father’s Day and there are graduates who are moving away from home, whether to start college or to start life after college.  Dads (and moms) who run small businesses can use good advice any time, and this looks like good news to me, so, get to it, read the release and give it a try.  Let me know how you like this free service.

I asked the question of my contact who sent me the information below, “How do they make money if this is free?  What’s the catch?”  The answer came and makes sense.  This product is a “loss leader” for the company. The DON’T make any money on this, but they will want you to know about the parent company’s products in the SaaS business, many of which you may find of interest.  Then, you will become their paid customer for this other service. Mission accomplished!  What’s SaaS all about? (Here is the Wikipedia explanation.)

It’s a buzz term referring to the use of software in the cloud.  It’s about using applications residing not on your computers in your office, but on someone else’s, at the SaaS company, so to speak.  So you and your company no longer have to buy or maintain software of this type.  This is a paid service and some companies use SaaS for accounting, reports and other systems taking the burden of the software side of the equation out of their business.  You can learn more at the InfoStreet link below.

Even if you have no idea about SaaS nor interest in it, you still might want to use this free conferencing plan to conduct meetings for your business or even for family conference calling.  Note the free added services, such as the invitations and reminders it sends out, as well as the ability to record and store the call for playback for up to 90 days, all at no charge.

I hope you find this information useful!

Here is the press release, actually post dated, but you can use it NOW:

TARZANA, Calif. (June 8, 2010) – InfoStreet Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a free calendaring and conferencing service, StreetSmart Meeting that makes group calls as easy as 1-2-3, even while on the go. With virtual meetings on the rise, conference calling has become a high demand service with premium fees attached. Now, with StreetSmart Meeting, conference calls can take place for free anytime, anywhere.  The service also offers permanent conference call numbers so people can start conferences without having to be next to a computer to schedule the call.  This feature allows for impromptu calls with colleagues without the hassle of setting up a specific event just to have a group call.

To make scheduling and inviting colleagues and friends or family to virtual meetings a seamless process, StreetSmart Meeting also includes a calendar tool that will generate invites and also offer reminders for these important group calls.  Calls are secure and, for added convenience, calls may be recorded and stored for playback for up to 90 days) – all at no charge.

“InfoStreet has dedicated itself to small business success by providing world class software solutions at unheard of levels of affordability,” said Siamak Farah, founder and CEO of InfoStreet Inc.  “StreetSmart Meeting was a natural extension for us, allowing us to extend our offering, in this case a totally free consumer and small business service, to a wider market, and by so doing, educate a new group of consumers on the benefits of Web-delivered productivity software.”

Reliable and secure, StreetSmart Meeting allows users to create and manage all their conference calls with ease.  So whether on the move, working from home or in the office, StreetSmart Meeting can help make sure that users remain connected when it matters.



•  Users can schedule, manage and host conference calls at any time. StreetSmart Meeting is available 24/7.

•  Instant activation! No long forms to complete.

•  Conference participants can join the call using a landline or a cell phone thus ensuring it is always convenient.

•  Users have a dedicated dial in number and access codes.

•  Or users can create multiple a one-time conference call bridge number and access code on the fly. This allow users to host multiple conferences simultaneously

•  Joining a meeting is as easy as dialing the phone number and punching in the access code.

•  There are no time limits on user’s conference calls and users can have as many as 150 people on the line!

•  Convenient email invites provide user’s attendees with all of the information they need to join the conference call. And the invite can even be added to Outlook

For more information, or to sign up for a free account, please visit: www.streetsmartmeeting.com.

About StreetSmart Meeting

StreetSmart Meeting is operated by InfoStreet, a leader in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. Widely regarded as a SaaS pioneer, InfoStreet introduced its first Software as a Service solution in 1995. InfoStreet’s flagship offering, StreetSmart, delivers Small Business Management Software which increases employee performance, strengthens customer relationships, improves communication, and reduces costs. StreetSmart includes such web-based applications as Virus Protected and SPAM Free Email, Email Archiving, Shared Calendars, Tasks, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), File Sharing, Knowledge Base, Portal, and more. Try InfoStreet’s StreetSmart applications by visiting http://www.infostreet.com or call 866-956-5051 for more information.

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