NewerTech is a well-known supplier of accessories for Macs and they have also made a name for themselves with iPod accessories, including TRAFFICJamz and Video+.

TRAFFICJamz is a simple device that plugs into your vehicle’s 12-volt power adapter (funny, we used to call those things a lighter socket!).  Available in black or white, it provides both charging and operating power to an iPod as well as being an FM transmitter so you can hear the iPod through the vehicle’s radio by using available FM frequencies.  Find a weak or blank area on the FM band.  Then, set TRAFFICJamz to match it. That’s about it.  The selected frequency is kept even when the unit is unplugged. The iPod stays charged and you listen all day long.  At a retail price of only $35, it’s a good price, made even better with it routinely being sold online for as little as $26.

It works fine in my tests.  Missing are multiple presets for up to three frequencies, which is a feature found on more expensive units.  However, it’s easy to scan up or down to get another station. You should not do this while driving!  On the more expensive models with multiple presets, it’s just a quick click on the unit and perhaps a press of a different preset on the radio to match.

Overall, for as little as $26, this is a fine choice.

For those with a video iPod and a thirst for watching videos, it’s easy to find that the iPod’s internal battery just can’t cut it when traveling and watching lots of video on a daily basis.  There are several companies offering clamp-on batteries that provide more viewing time, but the Video+ from NewerTech is thin, lightweight and unobtrusive, and adds up to 16 hours of video playback or up to 80 hours of music playback. I found it for only $50 on their Website at the link above.

It charges with the standard iPod charger and can itself charge the internal iPod battery up to three full charges if the user wants to charge the iPod and unclamp Video+.  Its clever design makes it easy to use and easy to love.  All I can say is, on long flights, this Video+ is just what I need and is highly recommended.

Both products from NewerTech should be considered solid gift ideas.

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