Outdoor grilling season is upon us.  Of course, here at Gadget Central in usually sunny southern California, I’m a grilling fool all year long without any prodding.  I fire up the Weber and have a great time.

One of the little inconveniences has always been keeping a cooler of frosty beverages for the chef (that’s ME), for the rest of the family and for our other guests.  Get lots of ice, drag out the cooler, stock it, empty it and put it away.  I was used to it.  Now I have found a new and better way that is also a terrific Father’s Day gift.


It’s the Weber Chill, $449, from the grilling experts at Weber, of course.  It’s a portable, plug-in indoor/outdoor refrigerator so NO ice is required.  The Weber Chill is big enough to hold, cool and keep cold 72 12-ounce beverage cans!  An extra-cost internal wire rack ($29) is also available which is perfect to hold those steaks and keep them cold and ready to throw on the grill.  Or, you might choose to purchase an accessory external Wire Wine Caddy ($25).  Whatever you choose, dad is sure to love this new and very unusual gift that can also live indoors or in the garage when not on grilling duty.  In other words, this is a gift that will be used throughout the year (and for many years to come!).  Just stock it and roll it to where it is needed – even near that big screen TV for all the sports-related parties when guests are over to watch the big event.

Take a look at the great style, too.  It looks like a cylindrical Weber grill, complete with a cover shaped like Weber’s classic kettle lid, finished in a smoked acrylic and with a kettle-like handle.  Notice, too, the two external mahogany shelves because you can never have enough serving space.

The Weber Chill portable refrigerator comes in silver, blue and deep red (my favorite).  A great addition to your “outdoor room,” it’s new, it’s different, and I really like it, recommending it to you.  Dad will be grillin’ AND chillin’ with one of these!

Find it in local hardware stores and home improvement centers.

More information is at www.weber.com. Click on Gills & Accessories, then Accessories, then Grilling Gear.  For product information, assembly instructions, replacement parts and troubleshooting advice:  1-800-446-1071 (Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

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