I continue to be impressed with Sirius Satellite Radio’s great programming.  This new little Plug-n-Play model from Clarion Corporation of America, though smaller than others, packs a punch and is a perfect gift for dads this Father’s Day.

First, the programming – 61 streams of commercial-free music, more than 40 streams of news, entertainment and sports, including EVERY NHL, NBA and now, NFL game.  You won’t find that lineup on the other brand’s offerings.  It’s safe to say that Sirius has all the great sports programming in Satellite radio.  And let’s not forget that all the music streams are available via the computer to all Sirius subscribers.

On the hardware side, this new little Clarion is the smallest transportable radio for Sirius I have seen and it comes with its own remote control.  In addition to all the usual great features of Sirius transportables, this one has 10 FM channels to which it can be set for transmitting its signal through the car radio, instead of the customary four choices on the others.  This is important in most big cities in which most all of the FM band is occupied.  With this new Clarion model users have a wider choice and a better chance to find a dead or weak spot on the FM dial through which to send the Sirius signal.  Plus, with the home kit, users can listen at home.  The audio output cable connects to any audio device capable of accepting standard RCA jacks to an input, such as a home audio system or even powered speakers.

Other features of this Clarion for Sirius include 30 presets, music title and artist scan, multiple search and display modes, dual illumination faceplate, three different font/display styles, adjustable audio output level and a clock. The receiver also includes the very popular “S-Seek,” giving users the ability to be prompted when one of their pre-selected favorite songs is playing anywhere on the SIRIUS programming lineup, and to switch to it at the touch of a button.

The home and car kits provide consumers with the flexibility to install the unit in a variety of locations using just one SIRIUS subscription.  Each kit includes an antenna, RCA audio connections and infrared remote.  The car kit features a wireless FM transmitter, which easily transmits the SIRIUS signal into an existing car radio.

The radio carries a suggested list price of $100, with each kit, for home and car, at $50.  Sounds great to me!  Monthly service is just $12.95. However, annual subscriptions average out to $10 per month and a lifetime subscription is currently available for $500.  Note: each subscription is for THAT particular radio only.

The Clarion Plug-n-Play Sirius satellite radio is available through Crutchfield and Tweeter, Fry’s Electronics and other Clarion audio dealers.  More information about Sirius Satellite Radio is at http://www.sirius.com/.

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