I think everyone should carry one of the Photo Micro-Light pocket LED flashlights for safety and convenience.

Here is a NEW model of the Photon, the Photon Micro-Light 3 that’s better than ever.  I recommend the C. Crane Company (www.ccrane.com) as your source for Photon lights.  Order as a gift or for yourself NOW.  These new lights are fantastic!  I was privileged to receive a sample and I think it’s another remarkable product you’re going to love. Reach the C. Crane Company by phone at 1-800-522-8863 or on the web at ccrane.com.

The squeeze-sensitive switch has two areas and is, in effect, two switches.  The upper or front area is the momentary on-type; press on, release off.  The lower or rear portion is controlled by the integrated microprocessor which is activated only after purchase by popping open the water-resistant battery cover (No more screws to mess with!!) and removing the plastic tab. Now that rear part of the switch assembly activates seven modes: Bright; medium; dim; fast strobe; medium strobe; slow strobe; auto shut off.  It’s a clever design.  I find myself leaving the mode switch set to medium.  That way, I press the front for momentary on at full power and the rear so if squeezed it goes to medium brightness and stays on until I squeeze again to turn it off.  It is evident that the designer has a passion for these things and I admire the thought that went into the design and the features on this wonderful little pocket essential.  In normal, momentary and occasional use, the batteries could last for a couple of years or more.  I suspect that, as I have found with the Photon 2, you will use it for so many things and so often that you might need to replace the batteries more often, but with this new design, it’s so much easier to do.  It’s just a matter of lifting a tab on the bottom to open the battery cover.  Then, replace the two lithium cells and pop the cover back in place.  This is my new favorite pocket light!

Here is how the manufacturer describes this new product:

Micro-Processor controlled. State of the art integrated circuit with seven modes selected and activated by rear mode button. When switched off, the computer remembers the last mode of operation, and automatically returns to that mode when the light is turned on again.

*       Convenient Electronic Bypass. At anytime in any mode or even in the off position the front part of the button is an override to the electronics. Squeezing and holding this override button provides you with maximum brightness in any situation.

*       Available in 7 different Beam Colors. Your choice of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue, (White). Specialty Infrared & Ultraviolet beam colors are also available. Each color has different characteristics.  There are advantages to each color.

*       Water Resistant case designed for easy battery changes.

*       Glass filled Polyurethane construction. Incredibly durable with superior abrasion and acid resistance.

*       Gold Battery Contacts. Every Photon 3 features gold plated battery contacts for improved reliability and electrical performance.

*       Lifetime Guarantee. The Photon 3 has been designed to give you years of trouble-free use. If your Photon 3 fails for any reason other than abuse or battery expiration, you may return for a free repair or replacement.

*       $25.95 ea.

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