Just two years ago I was introduced to the then new Philips Arcitec shavers.  Since that time, I have been thrilled with the performance.  It’s going strong after two years, and that’s value!

It is quite, quick and requires no more maintenance than plucking the head off the body, opening up the three caps over the cutters and rinsing under the sink.  I still recommend the model – it’s the best beard trimmer I’ve had in a while, like my 1090 or the lesser-priced 1060 as the go-to models.  The 1050CC has the “bath” that I do not recommend as it costs too much and requires more work than needed AND, the user must continue to purchase the cleaning agent.  Stick with the other models of this highly recommended, precision and QUIET electric shaver.

Get the 1060 at Amazon, as well as the 1090 at Amazon.  Also shop at www.drugstore.com, www.target.com, and www.walmart.com, and at retail stores near you.

I also still recommend to check the nose hair trimmer reviews below.

Here are two examples of not messing around with success!  These are NOT new, but still about the best available.

Here are a couple of quick takes on a pair of new products from Philips Norelco.  They’re quick, because they’re simple and effective personal care products, so let’s get into it.

First up, the new Philips Norelco arcitec razors, their premium models, online priced from about $160 to about $250.  It’s lightweight and very quiet with the feel of precision.  The new pivoting head design moves on any axis to meet all the curves of the face and neck.  In particular, shaving the normally sensitive and difficult neck area is particularly easy with arcitec.  The flexing heads move in and out over facial contours.  That pivoting head itself is unique and feels just great in use.  Then there are the new TripleTrack shaving heads with more shaving surface than other Norelco shavers.


This winning combination makes for the smoothest, most comfortable shave I’ve ever experienced. Smooooooothe and comfy, though I do not think it is the fastest I’ve experienced.  However, the comfort and closeness without irritation mitigates the slight speed penalty.

Cleaning is also simple. That triple head simple pulls off. Then each of the TripleTrack heads’ covers pull up to open, revealing the rotary cutters inside. Once there, the user will see something I’ve never seen, whiskers reduced to a powder.  It’s amazing.  Imagine, so fine a mechanism that the whiskers are reduced to a powdery substance.  Getting past this, cleaning is as simple as a quick rinse under the faucet.  Pop the triple heads back onto the arcitec’s body, close the covers – snap – and that’s it.

There is a model with a cleansing bath system, but I am not a fan of any shaver with this feature.  Who can’t rinse their shaver under the faucet? That is the simplest system. Those with a bath require more maintenance, with the need to replace the fluid in the bath. Who needs that inconvenience and added, recurring expense?  I don’t get it.  Keep it simple!


The long-lasting Lithium battery charges quickly to its maximum running time on the display, 65 minutes.  For most users, that would represent up to 21 days.  It takes me a little longer for each shave, so I get about 12 to 15 shaves.  The countertop stand has a plug for the charger.  I leave mine unplugged until the shaver requires recharging.

There’s a precision trimmer of new design that works very well, too.

Finally, the travel case that comes with the shaver is superb. It looks great, protects the shaver well during travel in a suitcase and makes it easy to take along on travels.  Called the Power Pod, it also provides a port through which the shaver can be plugged in and charged.  Speaking of travel, the charger works on 110 – 240 volts, so all that is needed for international travel is a plug adapter appropriate for the country visited.

I’ve tested their model 1090 and could not be more pleased.  Available at most retailers where Norelco products are sold!  Search online – “philips norelco arcitec” – to find best prices.

Arcitec shavers come with Philips Norelco’s famous 60-day money back guarantee and their two-year warranty.

Next up, check out the safe, fast and easy nose & ear hair trimmer, Philips Norelco model NT9110.  It even comes with a disposable AA battery to get the user started right away.  At $15, this device is simple. Period.


Look at it in the photo above.  Twist the body below the ring near the tip to switch it on and off.  The business end is s close trimmer that fits in the nose and easily gets the hair on and in the ears. It comes with a pair of eyebrow trimming combs, too, as well as a protective cap and a cleaning brush.

Simple and effective, and it works great.  Why spend more than $15?  Get one!

It carries a two-year warranty.  Find it at retailers including Target, Amazon, Wal-Mart and others.

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