If you’re going to buy an automatic dishwasher, it might as well be a good one, one that you will be happy with for many years ahead.  Here’s a dandy I am pleased to present here – your first-ever look at something wonderful and new from GE that will be available to consumers in October.

It’s the first-of-its-kind GE Profile dishwasher with SmartDispense technology to make operation as easy and trouble-free as possible.  What’s SmartDispense?  It’s that the dishwasher can hold an entire 45 oz. bottle of liquid or gel dishwasher detergent and dispense just the right amount for each wash. Forget about having to add detergent with each wash – is it enough or too much?

This new Profile dispenses detergent based upon water hardness in the home, the dirtiness of your dishes, size of the load, water temperature and the cycle selection.  The detergent is automatically dispensed throughout the pre-wash and wash cycle as needed, so you get clean dishes without wasting detergent.  When it’s time to refill the detergent, an LED indicator will come on signaling that there is enough detergent for about 11 washes remaining in the reservoir.  For most users, according to GE, this would mean refilling it about every one to two months. I can live with this!

The new dishwasher comes with a simple water hardness test kit for determining the level of water hardness in the home.  Then, the dishwasher can be set for optimum performance.  It’s that simple.

In addition, the new Profile dishwasher comes with GE’s Angled Rack Dry System, an upper rack that tilts so that water can easily drain off cups, mugs or bowls which can reduce the appearance of water residue or spots.  When washing and drying a smaller load of dishes or glasses, the Single Rack Wash selection cleans up to five place settings in the upper rack, using only the top and middle wash arms.

The new dishwasher also includes GE’s new QuietPower sound package offering GEs quietest operation ever!   Through the use of sound-deadening materials and components, it’s so very quiet, you may have to touch it to sense if it is on.

But QuietPower is all about sound deadening using technology and materials to get the job done. The QuietPowersound package offers a concealed ActiveVent that seals in sound during the wash cycle, then opens to allow quicker, more thorough drying. The sound package also features heat-bonded bitumen for exceptional sound-deadening and sound block toekick insulation.

Available in October and priced from $1029 to $1429, you have to see them, and you can do that at just about all retailers selling GE dishwashers – but wait until late September before you start asking to see it.  You’ll be able to choose from stainless steel, white, black or with custom panel options.

More info is at www.ge.com or by calling 1-800-626-2000.

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