Of course, you know the name Waterpik, a leading provider of oral care products. Now, building on 40 years of excellence (and recommendation by Harlingen dentists), Waterpik has introduced the new SynchroSonic advanced action plaque remover.

With two motors working together, SynchroSonic achieves optimal plaque-removing power.  Waterpik says this patented dual-frequency design creates a “microsonic” massaging sensation known as a SynchroBurst.  The SynchroSonic’s advanced brush motors remove plaque better than manual brushing, as proven by clinical testing.  How DO they do it?

It’s all in the innovative cleaning action of more than 40,000 microsonic brush strokes per minute.  Instead of circular or back-and-forth brush motions, SonicBurst sonic-brush action is gentle and natural.  The soft, round-end bristles provide an invigorating massage to promote periodontal health, leaving teeth with that fresh-from-the-dentist clean feeling every day.

Those two motors are not only quiet, but also efficient. A high-frequency motor in the brush handle creates the sonic speed, and a second motor in the brush head uses mid-frequency speed to create that microsonic bristle action to give that dentist-clean feeling.

Two models, a SynchroSonic and Synchrosonic Plus both feature an angled brush head for those hard-to-reach places.  The no-Slip Grip is an ergonomic handle design.  Soft, round-end bristles are strong, yet gentle enough on teeth and gums even the most sensitive user can enjoy.  Two, soft, color-coded SynchroSonic brush heads are included for multiple users.  It all comes in a rechargeable base with a built-in power indicator light.

The SynchroSonic Plus adds two speeds to let users select the best speed.  There is also a two-minute time that helps achieve the perfect brush 930 seconds per mouth quadrant).  In addition, the Plus comes with a polishing attachment and tongue cleaner for fresher breath.  The Plus comes with a dishwasher-safe and easy cleaning storage carousel.  This is the model I have been testing.

Prices range from $48 – $69 at drug stores, mass merchants and specialty stores.

Next up from Waterpik is the $20 – $30 Automatic Flosser with whitening tips.  It has been clinically proven as effective as floss with the added benefit of whitening the space between the teeth, the most difficult area to whiten and where the majority of stains start.

The Whitening Flosser comes with mint-flavored whitening tips and gives users the convenience of flossing with just one hand and the nylon tip provides 10,000 strokes per minute to remove plaque between teeth.  And, it’s gentle and safe on gums.

This Whitening Flosser is available in two models – battery operated or rechargeable.  Find it, too, at drug stores, mass merchants and specialty stores.

More information on both products is at www.waterpik.com or call 1-800-525-2774.

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