Personal, practical, already a hit with me and legions of others, I was particularly interested in what was new from Contigo at last month’s International Housewares Show in Chicago.  (Read of my previous Contigo love, also here). Interest and attention saw reward from two standouts that are, as are the company’s other products, highly recommended. It’s no surprise.Recently received and put to the test is the new 24-ounce double-wall water bottle made from Eastman Chemical’s industry-leading 100% BPA-free Tritan™ copolyester material (better than polycarbonate) called AUTOSEAL® Water Bottle, about $10.  Tritan is highly impact resistant and does not stain or retain odors.  Of course, featured on top is the Contigo® AUTOSEAL® lid, a leak-proof, one-handed work of engineering excellence.  The “star” of this new product is its double-wall construction.


Double-wall? Take a close look at the photo above and at the product on the company Website via the link above.  This construction insulates the inner from the outer, allowing for a nearly unaffected outer wall that barely develops dampness HERE in SoCal though the inside may be filled with ice and water.  Try that with any single wall cup or bottle!  The result will be a puddle forming where the bottle sits.  Not so with this new one.  It gets cold but without enough condensation to form that puddle or to give the user a dripping wet hand.  A little damp, but not wet.  In addition, the construction allowed the liquid to stay ice-cold in my tests for FIVE hours, with ice still present after FOUR hours. I tested indoors with a room temp of about 68º.  Of course, results would not be as good with a higher ambient temperature. In addition, it seems likely that if you live where there is much humidity, you might experience more moisture on the outside than we do here in SoCal. Still, this is quite a remarkable and innovative design and manufacturing accomplishment.  It is demonstrably better than any single-wall plastic bottle when ice is inside.  I cannot imagine anyone not appreciating this feature if water with ice is your beverage of choice in a water bottle.

Atop it all is the proven and patented AUTOSEAL® lid.  Leak proof, spill proof to the 100th percentile and designed for one-handed operation, I know of no better design in the industry.  Use it anywhere with the confidence that IT WILL NOT LEAK, even if resting on its side or if it falls.  Watch two demos, 1, 2 that illustrate the feature and obvious benefits of their technologically superior design.

Both the lid and bottom of AUTOSEAL products featuring bottles made of Tritan are dishwasher safe though Contigo recommends that top and bottoms go only in the top rack.

I am completely satisfied with the leak-proof capability of this and other AUTOSEAL products from Contigo.  Here at Gadget Central I have a hard, never-to-be-violated rule that says NO food or drink may be within reach of MY computer. I encourage others here to follow this rule, as well.  It simply is not worth the risk of damage or ruin to the computer. I have modified my rule with the advent of this new Contigo product.  Around my computer I now use and permit others to use ONLY Contigo AUTOSEAL double-wall drinkware that does not sweat (after double-checking the cap’s snugness). I can offer no higher praise to Contigo! It’s AUTOSEAL or nothing around my computer!

I am also finding it convenient to have this bottle with me all around Gadget Central.  If, as I, you like the idea of having ice-cold water available in the home or office in a reusable, BPA-free, leak proof, nearly sweat-resistant 24-ounce bottle, this Contigo’s for you!  Take it outside, on walks and to the gym, as well.


The OTHER smart Contigo AUTOSEAL innovation introduced at the Housewares Show and which I have tested is their AUTOSEAL® West Loop Stainless Steel 16-ounce Travel Mug (Vacuum Insulated), about $20.  Featuring the same one-hand operated 100% leak-proof and spill-proof lid technology, but without the obvious carabineer of the of the water bottle above, the stainless steel double-wall design allows hot liquids to stay hot for four hours or more and to stay cold for 12 hours or more. Of course, this is without detecting by outer touch either hot or cold inside temps.  With this design and materials, there is NO sweating on the outside when ice-cold liquid is inside and no hot hands even with near-boiling temps inside.

Only the lid on this and other stainless steel AUTOSEAL models is recommended as dishwasher safe in the top rack only. Wash the stainless body by hand on this one!

There is not much else to tell you, other than to encourage you to check them out.  There is nothing better in their price class of which I am aware.  Contigo AUTOSEAL is the best line of inexpensive, outstanding performing guaranteed 100% spill-proof and leak-proof one-hand operation water bottles and hot/cold beverage mugs.  Period.   It’s a mouthful worth saying! If you like these, and why wouldn’t you, explore the company’s other products.  Follow the links under “Products” at the top of the main page at

Ready to buy?  From time to time I have seen great prices at Costco on multi-packs of their single-wall AUTOSEAL bottles made of Tritan. I HOPE to see the same on the new double-wall AUTOSEAL as well as other new Contigo products.  Also check out attractive pricing at Amazon.

Moving a notch up, If you want guaranteed cold with ice for as much as 24 hours, hot for 12 hours, and with absolutely sweat-proof AND heatproof exterior, though more costly, I have a solution for you! Stainless steel HydroFlask is the product, which I reviewed here.

You’re welcome!

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