I first viewed the new $399 – $599 Bosch Formula canister vacuum at the recent Housewares Show in Chicago.  I almost did not stop.  Hey, it’s a vacuum!  But I did stop and I’m awfully glad I did.

On the somewhat noisy trade show floor, I heard it.  The quiet.  I had to listen carefully to hear just how quiet this new vacuum is.  And, it IS quiet.  We are all so accustomed to the noise of our vacuums, but wouldn’t it be nice to become accustomed to the quiet of your vacuum instead of the noise from your vacuum?  So, I had to try it here at Gadget Central.

At home, it’s even a more pleasant surprise. It’s powerful AND quiet, too. The Bosch heritage is to make market-leading appliances, and this is a really good product!

Here are the basics:  At a measured 65 decibels, the Bosch Formula vacuum cleaner is by far the quietest in its class.  With 1400 watts and 12 amps of power in just 12 pounds, the Formula canister vacuum is, at once, powerful, compact and surprisingly svelte.  Inside is an advanced filter changing mechanism and MEGAfilt SuperTEX Type G dust bag that makes it simple to change.  I’ve tried it!  Bosch says it picks up minute dust and dirt.  Since I can’t see minute dust and dirt, I’ll take their word for it.  The hygienic filtration system, according to Bosch, keeps the dust inside so the vacuum exhaust is as clean as the ambient air in your household.  Finally, for easy maneuvering and maximum comfort, the Formula vacuum has an ergonomic handle, three 360º swivel wheels, a movable carry handle that doubles as the on/off switch, and a telescopic tube with sliding arm that makes it possible to adjust the hose to your desired height (as you can almost see from the photos).


What I like:  The Bosch Formula canister vacuum seems to be doing a great job around here and it looks great, too.  I also like the automatically-retracting power cord!  I just unplug it and give it a tug, and back it retracts into the vac.  Very nice!  The accessories (crevice, brush and upholstery tools) are all stored on-board.  Just lift the hatch and there they are.

As for cleaning power, I favor the two top of the three models available, as these offer a motorized as opposed to air-driven brush.  I also like the additional air filtration provided by the Duo Plus Hepa of the top-of-the-line Formula Electro Duo Plus Hepa (what a mouthful!) model.  It’s surprisingly easy to drag around on its three, easy-rolling wheels, an automatic action as one moves with the brush handle while cleaning.  The canister follows.  What a concept!  The telescoping handle tube with sliding sleeve makes it really easy to get to lights up high or anything otherwise out of normal reach for cleaning.  With an extra-long 33-foot power cord, it can clean a wide swath around just about anyone’s manse.

The 12-inch electric brush has its own on/off switch, too.  For bare floors and far-reaching dirt finding at the end of a long reach, switch it off, on for carpets.  And that sliding arm is so convenient to use, so, no matter what is the height of the user, it can be adjusted for maximum comfort.  When the work is done, it stands vertically out of the way just about anywhere.

You’ll want to check out the three models.  I think you’ll find one of them to your liking!  Find retailers and more information at www.boschappliances.com or call 1-866-442-6724.

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