As a Netflix user since day one, I have enjoyed the service as much as anyone, receiving DVDs by mail, and now receiving Blu-ray DVDs by mail. I’ve also become a huge fan of their instant viewing capabilities as the list of compatible devices continues to grow as does their streaming content catalog.

Both viewing methods are available to all Netflix subscribers with accounts starting at $9 per month.  For this low fee, users may receive unlimited DVDs, one at a time by mail AND watch without restriction from among a growing catalog of streamed TV shows, movies, documentaries and concert videos, many of which may be seen in high definition (if there is sufficient Internet speed to the user).  I love that there is so much more than just movies.

I started my Netflix streaming experience on my Macs and Windows PCs, then using the still-excellent original Roku box.  Then, my TiVo Series 3 HD DVR and other, newer TiVo DVRs were brought into the fold that also can perform Netflix streaming duties.  Now, there are a growing number of Netflix-enabled hardware devices, including Xbox 360, Sony PS3 and most recently the super-popular Nintendo Wii.  Add to this more and more TVs, DVD players and others yet to come that are Netflix enabled and it’s easy to say with conviction that streaming Netflix is now easy to find and becoming easier with every passing month.

Remember, all this streaming capability, that is, unlimited streaming capability, as much as you want, is available to subscribers starting at the $9 per month level.  I watch on my computers when traveling and where there is sufficient broadband speed.  My daughter away at school logs on to our account to grow the queue of instantly available titles she can watch on her MacBook.  We are a family that really loves having Netflix in our roster of content viewing choices.

I often accept recommendations from my away-at-school daughter and suggest titles I’ve streamed that I think she will enjoy.

With sufficiently robust broadband availability, I love watching streamed content in HD quality.  It’s amazing as well as very satisfying.

Most recently I have been streaming Netflix over Verizon FIOS Internet service and through TiVo connected to the FIOS service.  Even with Verizon’s basic FIOS 10 Mbps download speed and 2 Mbps upload speed Netflix streams better than ever.  If the stream is available in HD, the programming pops into view nearly instantly and the visuals are satisfying to all viewers on our 50-inch Pioneer Kuro plasma set.

Do I recommend Netflix? Yes, without hesitation. Do I recommend their streaming service at no added charge for accounts starting at the $9 monthly level?  Another resounding YES.  You know I am big on highlighting realistic expectations, including here.  It is my aim that everyone taking my advice be as satisfied as I. To that end, I want to emphasize the importance of having fast enough broadband Internet speed available for a satisfying experience when streaming Netflix.

For those of you with broadband Internet download speeds as low as 3 Mbps, you might not have the best and most satisfying streaming experience.  The higher, the better!

And with that out of the way, I am off for a little break so I can watch a streamed documentary that’s in my Netflix queue.

Here’s to better and more satisfying viewing, courtesy of and simplified by Netflix, of course!

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