So many products make outlandish performance claims.  Here’s one, E-cloth, from TADgreen, Inc., that lives up to its hype, as my own tests have proven over a full year of testing!

I had learned from the US company’s founders at the 2009 Housewares Show about the products, and I had seen the in-booth demos.  Glass was clean and streak free in no time.  Smudges, dirty, greasy smudges on stainless steel, such as one would find on a refrigerator, were gone with just water and a wipe from E-cloth. And so it went.

Most consumers have an array of liquids, from Windex and similar chemicals, to Fantastic, and many other surface-specific as well as multi-surface spray cleaners.  There is the cost, which is considerable. And then there is the environmental impact.  And then there is the amount of paper towels consumed during the course of using all those chemicals.  Add it all up, both the financial and environmental impact and the affect is considerable.

Over the course of this past year, I set out to change my ways, to use fewer paper towels, say fewer, and to use much fewer chemicals and less of the ones I must use.  E-cloth has been the way, the easy way to achieve the objective.

Old habits are the most difficult to jettison.  It was not easy to just stop.  It was accomplished over time. Over time, we, Mrs. Gadget and I, became comfortable with using E-cloth with a fine misted water spray instead of chemicals and paper towels for many household duties.

We were first impressed with how well the combo of water, just plain finely misted tap water, and the E-cloth for cleaning the big mirror over our bathroom vanity.  Not only did the appropriate E-cloth clean the mirror perfectly, but I was also impressed that, even over the course of the next two weeks, no streaks appeared nor did dust seem to be attracted.  Both were the case when we used Windex with a rag or paper towels.

Next, we tried the kitchen kit to keep our range wiped up from splattered cooking oils and spills.  Even hardened messes are easily loosened with a moistened E-cloth or two.

Short and sweet, E-cloth is the real deal. I will leave it to you to learn the science and technology behind this amazing cloth.  I encourage you to read and learn, and to watch the video demos online that are linked at the company’s main page, but most of you will simply want to know that E-cloth really does as advertised and it can change your life for the better.  In addition, once the initial investment in product is made, you will begin to save money, purchasing and using fewer paper towels and all those cleaning liquids. Finally, you will recoup all that space, especially under the kitchen sink and elsewhere where you now have your assortment of schpritzes and cleaners.

When the E-cloth you are using needs refreshing, throw it in the washer and it will be ready to use again.  They last and last, through hundreds of uses.  As a matter of fact, you may find as I have that the kitchen and bath cloth seems to become better with age, to a point. I have not worn out any of my originals and am planning on getting more.  There are many E-cloths for many purposes. My recommendation is to do as I did – start with the bathroom and kitchen products, and then expand as needed to fill requirements in other areas.  Most of the basics are priced in the $10 – $25 area, which you will quickly recoup by not buying all those liquid cleaners you no longer need.

Do not hesitate to get E-cloth.  I am confident, especially after so long in my own home, that you will also be pleased with E-cloth products, finding them to be as amazing, unique and beneficial as I have found.  If your experience is at all like mine, you will also want to get extras to give to special persons in your life whom you know you will be helping by starting them on the right path, using E-cloth instead of paper towels or rags and all those cleaning products.

For my spray bottles, I bought a multi-pack of empties at Costco. Each bottle has a twist tip to modify the output from stream to fine spray.  They’ve worked out perfectly well.

When I’ve spilled some olive oil in the kitchen, E-cloth has picked it up, leaving not a trace of the mess.  And that was without water. Amazing!

There is even an E-cloth for use on your expensive big screen TV. DON’T ever use Windex or a chemical and standard cloth.  DO follow directions and use the new E-cloth CleanSafe Screen Cleaning Pack, only $25.  My Pioneer Kuro plasma screen is clean and dust free.  The cloth and liquid DO NOT attract dust and particulates to that beautiful screen.

E-cloth is one of the truly amazing products I encountered, totally by chance, at the 2009 Housewares Show, that has changed my life for the better.  I know you, too, will love it.  And YOU know I sell nothing, so my recommendation is without recompense, with only the desire to pay forward my good fortune for having found just how excellent is this product.

Purchase online through the company Website OR Amazon and remember, accept no imitations.  Get ONLY the genuine E-cloth.

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