Here’s something new, just added to my repertoire of tested and recommended gadgets and technology – a fragrance.  Why?  Because I know the people behind this line and I find the science and technology behind fragrance development a fascinating science, an area I am familiar with from my own long-ago brief involvement in the fragrance industry.

When my friends came to me, asking what I thought of their new fragrance, my past came flooding back to me, so I agreed to have a sniff, so to speak, and to learn about their methods and procedures toward development of the final product.  I am impressed with their sincerity and their end result. I’ve passed around Shenandoah to special ladies whose noses and impeccable taste I trust.  There have been universal accolades for this fresh new Shenandoah, so I agreed to share my endorsement with all of you.  As you know, I am not paid for any endorsement.  I offer my own true and honest impressions here, as always.  I have no financial arrangement with anyone connected with this company.

What is a women’s fragrance? It should be a memorable scent, not overpowering, that follows the wearer, enhancing her appeal, even her allure. It should be pleasant to sample in the air.  Each wearer brings something slightly different to an applied scent as her personal body chemistry reacts in its own slightly different and unique way from other women.  In this way, women will approve of or reject what they try, as it has to appeal first to the wearer, and then to others nearby without providing an unpleasant, too-long lingering note.

The art of blending aroma compounds, solvents, essential oils, mostly from flowers and plants, and other ingredients that ultimately become a perfume is part art and also part science including chemistry.  Exacting specifications, specific ingredients and their amounts are carefully guarded secrets of their originators.  By the way, just about any fragrance you can name, as well as food industry flavoring, is developed not by the companies selling the product.  No, this is a business unto itself, and there are a handful of big names, internationally known, and many smaller “houses” that are charged with developing the scents and flavors familiar to consumers worldwide today.

Unlike many products, a fine fragrance in its most concentrated form, an eau de parfum, may actually improve with age in its capped bottle.  There is no expiration date on a bottle of fine fragrance!  The complexities that have gone into the sometimes years-long development of a new fragrance exemplify that such work can occasionally yield something special.  Such is the case with Shenandoah.

I hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to provide a special lady, even if that special lady is YOU, with this unique, new and appealing scent.  Guys, you are in for a treat when you detect what the scent does for that someone so dear to you.

And so, I give you . . .

Shenandoah, the debut, signature fragrance of Terri Michele Fragrances, is the perfect gift for a special lady.  Artisanal in concept, the scent is an inviting combination of beautiful notes everyone is falling in love with. It is a clean, fresh fragrance with classic appeal and superb staying power. Shenandoah is available as an Eau de Parfum spray, Roll-on Perfume Oil, Luxe Body Lotion, Indulgent Body Wash, and Scented Candle.

Shenandoah is at once soft, subtle and alluring, a scent with notes of Bergamot, White Lily, White Musk, Freesia, Lotus, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood.

Unique to the Shenandoah line is the Roll-on Perfume Oil, a purse-sized, yet power-packed bottle that allows the fragrance to glide on anytime.  The Roll-On perfume oil is reasonably priced at $30.00 and with any holiday order from Terri Michele Fragrance’s website (, orders will also include a FREE travel candle, a $12 value (enter HOLIDAY in the Special Requests box to get this offer)!

Terri Michele Fragrances uses paper packaging ONLY from verifiable sources that are approved by the Forest Stewardship Council, the leader for environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forests. Products carrying the FSC label are independently certified to assure they come from forests that are managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations.

In addition, knowing that not all areas have proper recycling facilities the Terri Michele Fragrances team searched for bottles created from post consumer regrind (PCR). They are proud to present their lotions and body washes in bottles made entirely of repurposed milk jugs, or PCR. At 100% PCR, these bottles contain the highest percentage of postconsumer recycled materials in the industry and are fully recyclable.

For more information on Shenandoah and Terri Michele Fragrances, and to order, please visit

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