It’s one thing to walk around with one of those Bluetooth “geek beacons” with its flashing blue light on the ear. It’s another thing to use one while driving.  Here’s an alternative – Motorola’s $80 T305 Bluetooth speaker that clips to the visor.

Pairing easily with any Bluetooth phone, this is a simple, and I mean simple device with enhanced echo and noise reduction technology so drivers can have hands-free conversations even in noisy in-car environments. Motorola claims up to 14 hours talk or 200 hours standby time from a single charge.


I wanted it to try with my Pharos GPS 600 Phone while in my car. It works great.

A speaker that clips directly to the visor sounds better, I think, than something in my ear while I am driving.  When in GPS mode, the Pharos’ turn-by-turn directions come from its built-in speaker, but when making or answering a call, it’s a different story. It’s much easier to just tap the button on the Moto T305. This mutes GPS directions, though they’re still visible on-screen.

 In my tests, the sound from this Motorola T305 was crisp and clean on my end.  Those on the other end of the calls did not complain, either, though they could detect I was on a speakerphone.  Volume controls are on the side.

Simple, effective, transparent – just the way I like it.

The T305 charges from an included vehicle adapter, though I also opted for the home charger so I could plug it to charge out of the car.  Bundled with the T305, the P790 charger combo sells for $110 directly from Motorola.

More info is at or call 1-866-BUY-MOTO, and then Option 7.  Retailers include Best Buy, Radio Shack and AT&T.

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