I love it when new and innovative LED-based lights are brought to my attention.  After all, LEDs ARE the future of lighting, sooner or later.

Efficient and long-lasting LEDs are rapidly replacing conventional light sources in traffic signals.  LEDs light the way in the rear of an increasing number of cars.  Some day, LEDs will power the illumination in front of our vehicles.  Inside our homes LEDs will replace those hot, power-hungry incandescent and even compact fluorescent lamps in use today.

Sauce Lights

Today, inside our homes Color Kinetics is providing some interesting, fun, and different lighting products powered by LEDs and under the Sauce brand name.  There are several types and designs from which to choose.

For example, LightTro is a trio of shapes and sizes with a built-in microprocessor that mixes red, green and blue LEDs to produce impressive color ranges through a variety of color changing modes.

LightTro can replace a traditional screw-in bulb in a bedroom, dorm room, or even a bathroom, producing pleasing effects guaranteed to impress and evoke conversation.

One of the LightTro lamps has a dial to control the 48 enhanced effect settings across three modes: Mood, a variety of themed effects that take you from peaceful to partying and back again; Color Wash, which lets you cycle through the color spectrum with 15 speed settings; and Fixed Color, which lets you select from an assortment of hues.

The other two have a push button to control 13 settings across six modes: Color Wash; Fixed Color; Random Color; Water — a fade through shades of blue and green; Sunset — a wash of reds, yellows and oranges; and Eclipse — a mix of twilight blues and purples.

They are all amazing, sharing characteristics of this technology – low heat, low power consumption, ultra-long life, and cool to the touch.

LightTro can be found nationwide in stores like The Art Store; or online at stores like Toysrus.com. Please check the Sauce How To Buy page for the most current listing of all stores that offer Sauce products.  I LOVE these products and recommend them all to everyone.  Priced at about $30, LightTro is well worth the price.  Other Sauce LED lighting products are priced from under $10.

The best part is that this is just scratching the surface of the other seven product lines from this prolific company.  See them all HERE.


QuiqLite is the most innovative pocket light I have seen in a long time.  It is brand new, having gone on the market less than two weeks ago.  My son, Douglas, noticed it in a uniform shop in Ventura, CA and couldn’t wait to tell me about it.

The $20 product is just so clever!  Developed from the ground up by an entrepreneurial young law enforcement professional to meet a need he saw, the QuiqLite is handy to have and use for many users and is powered by a pair of long-lasting Lithium button cells.

Just clip the trim, slim and lightweight QuiqLite to a pocket, push the button to switch it on, and tilt it to the proper aim for hands-free use. Whether you are a journalist or businessperson just needing light aimed down from a breast pocket to where you need it, this is just a helpful and well-designed, well-built product.

You will want to buy and use it because it is so helpful, but you will want to share it with others because you’ll love the reaction you get when others want it, too, and thank you for showing it to them.

I had the opportunity to speak with the inventor, Brian Quittner, and it was so refreshing hearing his story of how the product came about.  He is enthusiastic and eager to get the product into the hands of consumers, so please check out his labor of love and, like me and everyone I know, I am sure you will want one, at least one.  They will make an ideal gift for the gadget lover.  Just look at this thing.  How can you not want one! I predict a bright future for Officer Quittner’s product.  Information is HERE.


To say that these are simply LED products is like saying that a Boeing 747 is just an airplane.  Clearly, these products are in a league by themselves.

Among a very few companies using super-powerful Luxeon Star LEDs from Lumileds, the product samples I have tried are the most powerful LED-sourced flashlights I have ever experienced.  If you want the ultimate, you will simply have to check these out.

Another entrepreneurial venture by someone with passion and a vision for what he wants, as well as the guts to make it happen, InReTECH has accomplished some amazing feats.

First of all, to have an appreciation for the heritage, you will have to visit Lumileds and learn about their technology and products.  If you see super-bright signs and signals using LEDs instead of traditional lighting sources (is you recognize the difference), the chances are good that these super LEDs came from Lumileds.  If you notice new cars with LEDs in the rear instead of traditional lighting, these, too, may be from Lumileds.  Get it? they’re BRIGHT!

Now, using this same expertise, Lumileds’ Luxeon Star LEDs are available to creative designers in a few types to enable a new generation of never-before-possible super-bright flashlights.  And I mean super-bright.

All three test samples are Maglite conversions.

The first starts with the 2-AA cell Mini-Maglite and uses a single 1W white Luxeon Star offering up a very bright 18 lumens of light.  The conversion kit to make your existing Mini-Mag to one of these costs $20.  The complete ready-to-go product sells for $30.  In my tests, I found the light to be well-distributed and very usable.  Battery life should be several hours of useful light, far exceeding the original configuration.  LED life may be indefinite.

The next is the 54 Lumen TriLite, a 3D Maglite adapted with three 1W Luxeons.  The adapter kit sells for $90.  Yes, it IS bright, amazingly bright, white, and with a pleasing spread and fill, and the knowledge that it will last a lot longer on a set of batteries.

The best is last.  The Helios triple 5W Luxeon adapter for a 6-cell Maglite throws an amazing 360 lumens of stark, white light, selling for a substantial $200.  This is in the flamethrower class of lights like nothing I have experienced before.  I took this one out into the dark night, pointed it across the street and promptly lit up the house and all its dark recesses from the top of the two-story frame to the street.  Amazing!  I trained it down the street and lit houses wherever I aimed it.  Then, down the street, way down the street, past the next six homes and across the street, and still, the light shone brightly, with the reflective signs illuminated as if by daylight.  I have simply never seen anything like it.  However, this configuration provides tons of light for those who really need it but the batteries will be exhausted in a little over an hour.  If you want a lot of light, then you’ll want this light.

InReTECH is another company helmed by a passionate founder who has literally poured his life and savings into his dream. Mike Boyd is an engineer straight from the lighting industry who turned his ideas into products with hopes to make it big.  Will he succeed?  I hope so.  I can’t wait to see their next new product.

My assessment:  Those among you who want innovative high-tech best-of-class LED flashlights regardless of the cost will be well-served by a visit to http://www.inretech.com/.

So, go ahead, you know you want to check them out!

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