There’s a lot more to the high tech home than what’s been covered so far this year, and some of it is not even new, so here are some quick takes – reminders – of more that’s tried and true and some that’s new, at least for me.

NETFLIX – Still the best way to rent movies. I’ve used them since they started, given gift subscriptions to my kids away at school and everyone’s thrilled with their movies and their service.

BLOCKBUSTER ONLINE – Blockbuster’s service is similar in many ways to, but there are differences. I suggest looking into both to see what fits best for you. If you’re a true movie buff looking for many obscure art films and indies, then do this. Look at both services, hunting for the same movie. Then consider if this is advantageous to you – with Blockbuster you get two free in-store movie or game rentals in addition to whatever your deal is for movies by mail.

Toward the paperless office – With Fujitsu’s ScanSnap for Windows and Mac, you can work toward that goal, at home and in your small office.  The ScanSnap is a small, fast, desktop two-sided color scanner that runs papers through its ADF (Auto Document Feeder), seeing both sides and creating a PDF from everything that is scanned.  Check Amazon prices on all Fujitsu ScanSnap models.

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