Not everything is brand new that you don’t know about.  Here are three must-have gadgets for your High Tech Home I’ll bet you don’t have. They are useful, inexpensive AND require NO software or power to operate. Hmmmmm.

First up is an old favorite I think should be in a drawer in every kitchen. Really.  It is useful to everyone who has ever opened a vacuum-sealed jar. It is especially useful to anyone with the problems of arthritis in the hand or anyone else who does not wish to struggle in the least with opening one of those jars. It’s the indispensable JarPop distributed in the US by Harold Imports.  One of my all-time favorite gadgets that I am proud to endorse (for free, mind you) and to absolutely recommend!



JarPop releases the pressure inside the never-opened jar in the same way an old-fashioned bottle opener works. With JarPop, however, you gently release the pressure without bending the lid and removing it that way. Just a little “burp” is all it takes, the first time only. Pressure’s gone and now the jar lid easily unscrews and will securely screw back on again and again.  Watch the video demo and you’ll see what I mean.  JarPop’s wide handle design makes it easy to grip for just about anyone, young and especially as we get older.  No matter, though, it’s just the best way to open these jars for anyone. It WILL change the way you operate in the kitchen, perhaps even allowing you or someone you know to end their avoidance of packaged foods that come in vacuum-sealed jars.  Get several as they make wonderful gifts, showing you care about someone special. Look for best online prices, or at your favorite kitchen essentials store.  They’re about $5 or less and never, ever wear out!

The next two indispensables are recent discoveries. That is, I only found out about them last month at the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago. I saw them and my mind clicked into action. How ingenious are these things. I now have them at home and everyone agrees you’ve got to have these things.  OK, so what are they?

The Slice™ Safety Cutter and Letter Opener are little gadgets from the same company that you’d probably pass by and never notice in a store because you’d never independently look to address the problem that they solve.  They don’t really solve a problem. Each just makes life a little bit easier and more fun, and both are amazing and fun to use.  Be careful though. You will want to show them off to others, and those others will want to take them from you. You might want to buy some spares, especially if you take these to work and put them in your drawer. Someone’s going to see you using them and lift them from your drawer when you’re away from your desk. Just you watch! 

They say in on the Website and I am inclined to agree, the The Slice just may be among the most useful gadget you’ll ever own, especially if you open the cellophane wrappers on DVDs and CDs, if you cut recipes, articles and coupons from the newspaper and flyers you get in the mail or if you get those blister-packed goods that are literally welded shut. They’re also great for scrapbookers and work magic cutting through wrapping paper. Even opening a bag of chips or other goodies in those large bags, The Slice is what you will use once you try it for the first time.

The best part is this – you will NEVER, EVER cut your hands and you will never, ever bunch up a paper as you do when you try and cut things out slicing through the paper with a sharp knife. This is an amazing product, please read the pocket knife reviews for more info!  It doesn’t look like much, but believe me, it really works and it is just so different from anything you have ever used that it may be difficult to wrap your brain around.  Get one or more, and you will likely use a pair of scissors much, much less often.

What’s the secret?  Each has a tiny ceramic, permanent, never-dull blade so small it will not cut you, ever!  That ceramic cutter is on the bottom edge toward the front, under that silver part. Laying the product flush on top of the object you are cutting, and with gentle pressure (you will quickly become accustomed to its ways), just pull back and the cut line will be perfectly made.   You’ll go around cutting up papers and looking for things to use it on. It’s that different and that much fun to use.

Oh, and there’s a built-in magnet, so you can, if you like, keep one handy to use in the kitchen, placed right there on the front of the frig until you need it. But, then, you’ll want one in the bedroom, workshop, hobby room, and wherever else it is that you will want to find such a useful tool.

The Letter Opener is the companion product, using the same ceramic cutter technology, but in a product designed to simply do one job well, and that is to slice open envelopes. No more paper cuts. No more ripped messes. No more scraps of torn paper as you rip open envelopes. Just zip the envelope open with the Letter Opener, and it’s done, neat and clean, also as if by magic.  Yes, it really does work.

Use this gadget by sliding and envelope through the guide slot or lift the Letter Opener up and run it across the envelope.  Either way, you will get a nice cleanly opened envelope.  It’s ceramic magic!

Each may be purchased directly from the company Website for $6 apiece or you may shop for a slightly better price. While there, be sure to see their other innovative products.  Isn’t it fun to make such interesting and useful product discoveries!

Both products will prove indispensable to you and, like the JarPop, you’ll find them to be fun gifts for friends and family, and even co-workers. As you do you search for both of these online, you will encounter lots of ideas for using them that you just never would have thought of on your own.

One more thing . . .

If you wear eyeglasses, even just sunglasses or “cheaters” for reading, you need to clean them, right?  I was sent samples of Swipes that we have been using for several months and we think they’re pretty neat.

Swipes are dime-sized pads at the end lf what might be described as tweezers-like arms.  You slip the pads over the glasses lens, squeeze just a little, and then wipe the lenses clean, dry or with a spritz of lens cleaner.

 The business end of Swipes is made of a microfiber material that seems to do the job just fine.

Notice that Swipes has a key ring so it can live with your keys. I keep mine handy at my desk. Mrs. Gadget does the same. Keep them anywhere where you want to clean your glasses.

Swipes is (are?) hinged at the top and unsnap and rotate so you can get to just one pad if you wish. This is good for cleaning your yucky cell phone display cover or the schmutz off of your digital camera or other small, one-sided display covering.

The microfiber pads pick up dirt like a magnet, so be sure to inspect them for hard debris that might scratch your lenses on a future use. The microfiber, itself, cannot scratch even the most delicate surfaces, and that is why it is a good choice for cleaning lenses.  We have had only satisfactory performance over at least five months use.  The pads cannot be removed but they can be cleaned in place with mild soap and water and should be left to dry thoroughly before use.

The best part of using this product is that it does the job in very few passes over the lens surface and leaves nothing behind as do other cleaning methods.  Fast and easy, with no fuss, and that’s the hallmark of a good product.

If your glasses have nose pads that protrude into the space that the lenses also occupy, then Swipes will not get to that part of the lens, so be sure your lenses are in the clear before deciding upon this product OR work around that small area using another material. With my own glasses the nose pads slightly interfere, but I’d still rather have the convenience of Swipes than carry or use a larger solution.  Find them online.

Speaking of other solutions, the ONLY other solution I know and trust (for more than seven years) is 3M microfiber cleaning cloths, originally sold as electronics cleaning cloths, but this product has been reconfigured for alternate marketing and now is sized and packaged for all kinds of cleaning duties under the Scotch Brite brand. For larger surfaces including mirrors, windows and computer screens of all kinds, this is the best I’ve found.  They are machine washable and almost indestructible.  However, it is much more convenient to use Swipes on your glasses.

Look for Swipes online.  Priced at about $6, they are worth the cost.

I know these products work as I’ve recommended and are wonderful, useful gadgets because even Mrs. Gadget loves them, and you know she is not easily impressed.  She’s a tough sell, so when she lights up with something I show her, I know it’s a winner.  Here, we have at least seven absolute winners for you!


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