As you read in my earlier article about the best women’s motorcycle helmet and the upcoming International CES which is this week in Las Vegas, this show is bigger than it has been in many, many years.

I thought I would give those of you interested in the nuts and bolts of the show a look at some of what else is new that I am looking forward to learning about.  The best way is to share pieces of a small sampling of the hundreds of emails I have received so you can click and go on the things that pique your interest. Please DO NOT email me with questions about any of the following in this guide by Ryder White.  Dig and look things up, as I will.  I regret that I will not have the time to answer questions about any of the teases that follow, but I will follow-up and provide additional info as time permits throughout the coming months.  Stay tuned to!

Have fun. Go nuts!  It’s a huge, long string of info. for the newest player in GPS in the US market.

How’s this for a “no-brainer?”  Use existing coax cable as the backbone for a high-speed home network!  That’s Entropic’s play.

Cable was never designed to be two-way – quite the opposite in fact. The chipmakers at Entropic figured it out though.  The result?  A very high-speed (270Mbps, five times faster than 802.11 wireless) interactive pipe that connects every room in the house and lets you access TiVO programming from a single source, share one cable modem with everyone, and do all the other cool stuff home networks do.  All the wiring is there; just plug in the TV, PC, STB, DVR, whatever, and you are in business.

And faster is better, because sharing digital video room to room is a killer app.  But if you don’t have the speed, you can’t make the feed.  What transmits high-speed video better than the trusty cable we know
and love?

Shell HomeGenie is a home management system that provides consumers with simple, Web-based remote access of household systems and devices through a home computer broadband connection to the Internet.

At this year’s CES booth, Panasonic will:

* Lead the way in DVD technology, including new DVD recordable product introductions.
* Make over our display line with breathtaking new high-definition LCD, Plasma and Projection displays.
* Debut new D-Snap(tm) camcorders and digital cameras.
* Launch innovative e-wear(tm) MP3 audio players.
* Expand the revolutionary Lumix(tm) digital still camera line with the addition of new full-featured models.
* Bring the world of SD to the car audio environment.
* Introduce a variety of “firsts” for the home audio enthusiast.

From BellSouth Products:

Introducing the world’s first SMS Text Messaging Radio – a combination text messager and 2-way voice communicator (product code: 2176).  With an incredible operating radius of up to10-miles, this FRS/GMRS device creates a new niche market in personal communications.

A premium edition 5.8 GHz multi-handset system that supports up to nine handsets – a growing trend in home and small office/home office phone systems.  The unit (product code: GH5861EX) is modern and tastefully designed and is laden with features – including caller ID, an answering machine with four individual mailboxes and paging (from base to handset).

An Innovations 2004 Design and Engineering Showcase honoree, this 2.4 GHz headset phone offers the latest in cordless phone technology.  The unit (product code: GHS240) was designed with the dial buttons on the headset unit – freeing up the user to multitask and move about their home or office in a comfortable and natural manner.

From XACT Communication:

Building on the overwhelming success of the X2X WristLinxTM 2-way wrist communicator, XACT Communication has created the X33X, its newest version which recently was recognized as an Innovations 2004 Design and Engineering Showcase honoree.  The chrome-finish watch allows for short-range (1-2 miles) voice communication for family members and small groups wanting to stay in touch at sporting events or just around the home and neighborhood.

Pushing the style envelope again, XACT Communication will unveil a flat and extremely thin FRS/GMRS unit- the first of its kind.  The device (product code: XFR350RD) features a swivel belt clip and provides a four-mile range of crisp, clear communication.

The hippest in 5.8 GHz technology, this multi-handset, cordless, DSS unit is pre-packed with an extra handset and charger; it supports a total of nine handsets for home or small office/home office use.  The phone (product code: EXG5803RD) features a full range of Caller ID features as well as a built-in digital answering machine with four individual mailboxes.

“Where is my Stuff?” This is one of the most pestering question plaguing companies in the IT industry, such as Microsoft, Apple and IBM. In today’s information age, information is piling up at an alarming rate. Researchers predict that by the year 2010 the world’s digitized knowledge will double in every 11 hours. As the amount of information grows, so does the problem of retrieving that information on computers. But do we even have a technology to solve the information retrieval problem?

Next Big Thing? You be the judge.

Neutrino Technologies is proud to announce the Next Big Thing, a desktop software solution that solves the desktop information retrieval and management problem through Single Intelligent Prompt that does not ask where the information is stored.

Command your computer. No need to know where your Stuff is on your computer.

NeuTRINO’s NeuDESK has combined all common desktop activities into one application that orchestrates the activities through a single prompt, sort of like an orchestra conductor. Find documents, play music, view photos, get web based driving directions using your contacts information, control your home automation, set appointments and to-do tasks, wake up to your favorite mp3s in the morning and more by using simple Natural Language Commands through Single Intelligent Prompt

— The Wurlitzer Digital Jukebox, which will be formally introduced at the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show (Jan. 8-11):

Allows the user to store a huge CD collection in digital format (up to 1000 CDs), then control that music collection from a wireless touch-screen remote that features a remarkably elegant and simple user interface.

Provides direct access to the Wurlitzer Music Service, a digital music service that offers 100 channels of digital radio plus a full download store where the user can purchase and download hundreds of thousands of major label songs directly to the jukebox.

Allows the user to take any of this music and build personalized playlists, create “mix” CDs, export songs to a portable MP3 player, or distribute music wirelessly throughout the home to other Wurlitzer receivers.

Provides top quality audio with a custom-designed speaker and amplifier system from Klipsch Audio Technologies.

Non-tech consumers. While the cutting-edge functionality of the Wurlitzer Digital Jukebox will certainly appeal to technophiles and early adopters, the product was developed specifically for the non-technical consumer.

— SnapStream Media has relaunched our award-winning personal video recording (PVR) software Personal Video Station 3 as Beyond TV 3.  Beyond TV 3, available for sale on SnapStream Media’s website, boasts the same amazing features that users have always been accustomed to and also new ones like SmartSkip™ and Canadian TV listings.

SmartSkip is a revolutionary technology that lets users skip commercials and other parts of TV shows.  It allows them to navigate from one segment of a recorded broadcast to the next at the touch of a button.  Our new technology dynamically detects major scene changes within a broadcast and places chapter markers at the points of change.

— At this year’s CES, AVerMedia will be showcasing their industry leading computer hardware products, including their 3 innovations award winners!

The AVerMediaDVD EZMaker USB 2.0 and their new EZMaker Pro are great for those with stacks of VHS tapes collecting dust.  The EZMaker line allows you to easily transfer your old VHS tapes to a digital CD or DVD format.  The EZMaker Pro also received an Innovations award from CES.

The AVerMedia TV Box 9 is another innovations award winning product that allows you to watch TV on your PC monitor or any LCD screen, without the need to have your PC turned on. The TV Box 9 is perfect for those in a limited amount of space, like a college dorm room, or work cubicle.

AVerMedia will also be showcasing the UltraTV USB 300 (air), UltraTV Home Theater USB 300, EZMedia Player USB, which are all hardware devices that combine digital media and home theater.

— Hauppauge’s WinTV-PVR-250 is a personal video recorder product that allows users to watch and record television programs on a personal computer. Their MediaMVP is a TV set-top appliance which allows any multimedia file residing on the user’s home PC–Music, Video, or Pictures (hence “MVP”)–to be accessed and played on the TV by way of a home network.

— PQI will be showcasing at CES its Intelligent Stick USB
memory product – currently the smallest, lightest available on the market.
It’s the size of two pennies end to end yet stores from 32 MB to 512 MB of
data, works universally with Windows, Linux or Mac, enables you to securely
store email passwords (erasing your footprint once done so you don’t have
them sitting on the machine) and more.

–MusicMagic Mixer by Predixis.  The Power to find the music you want…the MusicMagic Mixer is a unique power tool to help consumers manage their music collections and to find new music! Custom playlists, hours of listening, music to match a similar song or songs…the Mixer can be integrated with most technologies from hardware to software, from MP3 players to websites. The Power is in our technology. Our goal is to process all of the music in the world. Try the Mixer and become a part of this incredible experience.  We are currently processing 10,000 new songs per day!

Based on a 5 year, multi-million dollar R&D effort, Predixis is a spin-off of its parent company, Parasoft Corporation. Specializing in automatic acoustical analysis, products and services, Predixis has patented and patent-pending music analysis and matching technology. Software solutions provide acoustic power for search, shuffle, auto-playlists, discovery and referrals. You can preview the Mixer at

–Bongosoft AntiSpam 2004 is like no other spam filtering product available today. Utilizing our patent-pending Passcode Authentication Technology, it really blows away the competition with unmatched spam removal power, ease-of-use, product support and cost-effectiveness. After the 30-day evaluation, it’s only $29.95.

–Harmony Remote introduces three new remote controls using its proprietary Smart State Technology. The SST-688 Remote is a sleek, intuitive handheld model with PVR navigation keys. The WiFi Command Center is a complete wireless solutions package using a Pocket PC for touch-screen control. The SST 768RF Remote allows access of computer file formats, including MP3 and JPEG, for complete Personal Entertainment Management.

BAFO Technologies, a manufacturer and distributor of computer peripherals, today announced the debut of an innovative Messenger Call Box (MCB) at CES 2004 in Las Vegas, NV next month.  The USB device which allows users to relay voice calls initiated via instant messaging programs, including AOL, Yahoo!, MSN and ICQ, to a land or cellular phone, Messenger Call Box offers a high quality, toll-free option for users making long distance and overseas calls.  MCB is truly a first of its kind VoIP product.

SENNHEISER ups the audio ante in hi-fi headphones with a new angled baffle

that does a better job of ergonomically coupling sound to the ear (press-con
Saturday 5pm S227), new RF cordless model, a late smash hit for gamers in a
stereo headset with mike, and a big hit for travelers with a noise-canceling
model that sounds better than others at half the price.

— ACURA LT is the show car under the canvas between the registration tent and the hall, with what may be the most electronics ever in a production car: Bluetooth, DVD audio, XM satellite radio, GPS nav & more.

— VERBATIM will talk to you about the new 8.5GB dual-layer DVD+R disk, show you their TouchLess disc labeling system, show off their Digital Movie DVD blanks & USB2 Store’n’Go drives, etc.

— WINEGARD has an outdoor antenna breakthrough – not the (Yagi) array of rods you’re used to seeing but a no-visible-metal thing that looks like a

rounded-corner pizza box and performs better – a prototype atop their
building picked up clean HDTV signals (also does analog, but fading and
multipath make HDTV tougher) from a station 60 miles away. For those who
live closer, there are some equally amazing indoor models.

— ViSound from Mission USA is the first A/V system integrated into a mirror. Very sexy looking and unique — it has hundreds of consumer and commercial applications.

— TecSonic from Mission USA is the world’s first portable PA system. Now road warriors have a compact, lightweight audio solution for their presentations.

— DVDM-100 DVD and Music Manager from Escient. This product lets users get rid of all their DVD or CD jewel cases — it features a graphical on-screen interface that lets users manage and control more than 1,200 DVDs or CDs (that are stored in a mega-changer). We can provide an exciting, visual demo on a screen that will illustrate how you can see the cover art and also sort your media by various categories.

— Vonage, the leading provider of broadband phone service, today launched its new Residential Basic Plan priced at  $14.99 per month, offering 500 minutes of local, toll and long distance calling throughout the United States and Canada.

The Vonage Basic Plan includes the same features as its other plans at no additional cost and is available to all existing and future customers.  Vonage customers choosing to add additional Basic lines will receive the discount rate of $12.99 per line.

— At the 2004 International Consumer Electronics Show, DTS (Digital Theater Systems, Inc.) will host a surround sound demo room featuring some of the best examples of recently released DTS-encoded content.  DTS will highlight all of its consumer technologies, including an enhanced version of DTS Neo:6, DTS-ES, DTS 96/24 and DTS Interactive applications for the consumer electronics and entertainment industries.

— Wherify Wireless Inc., developers of innovative GPS-based location products and services, is unveiling a family of next-generation GPS Locators, to include the new GPS Universal Locator. Wherify’s new line of GPS Locator devices are geared towards consumers and businesses looking for ways to keep tabs on the location of loved-ones (no matter their age) or valuable property, within feet, through the Internet or any phone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Wherify’s next-generation GPS Locators will retail for less than $150 and will be available to consumers beginning in second quarter 2004. The new GPS Locators include such features as two-way voice speakers, programmable buttons for one-touch dialing, and emergency 911 panic buttons. Smaller and lighter than their predecessor, the Wherify GPS Locator for Kids, they will also come in a variety of form-factors from handheld devices with unique designs, to GPS Locators about the size of a matchbox.

With Road Ready Teens, teenagers are able to first gain critical experience and driving maturity before they face higher risk situations.  Road Ready Teens includes a online video game for teens to teach them the risks of the road-in a fun and entertaining format-and a guide for parents to help their teens gradually gain driving experience and learn safe driving practices.  Road Ready Teens guidelines are based on proven research that can reduce teen crashes by as much as one-third. Both the game and parent’s guide are available for free and can be found at

— Here’s the scoop on the new product. It’s

ControlKey ( It’s the same concept of SecuriKey,
however, scaled down and created specifically to enable parents to govern
access and use of the Internet, email, and IM.

— The INADA Chair D.1, which recently became available in the U.S. from Japan,
is the world’s first massage chair that adapts itself to the shape of the
user’s body with state-of-the-art infrared technology ($4,900).  It scans
the user’s body, measures the height and detects pressure points offering
customized full-body massage, from head to toe, including revolutionary
arm/hand massage.

— Octiv will be showing shipping versions of:

Clear Clear – it’s a box that connects to your conference phone to fix
conference calls so you never have to ask anyone to repeat himself during an
important conference calls – crucial for important business calls.

Volume Logic ITunes Audio Plug-in for Mac & Windows:  provides real-time
digital remastering for improved quality of sound — using broadcast

— As mobile phones and other handheld devices become ubiquitous, the nature of the applications they enable is changing.  Once used simply for voice calls, the mobile phone is now used for taking and emailing pictures and video, listening to MP3 files, and playing 3D games.   The youth market is driving this multimedia evolution on wireless, handheld platforms:  carriers are leading the charge as they strive to increase average revenue per user (ARPU).  But what does a video game really look like on a tiny screen?   Will the experience be interesting enough to capture gamers?   What about battery life?

NeoMagic Corporation thinks 3D is the next big thing to come to the little screen and they want to tell you why.

NeoMagic’s MiMagic family of Applications Processors are developed and designed to make multimedia compelling on mobile phones, wireless PDAs and other handheld devices where balancing performance and power is a challenge.  The company’s MiMagic 6 Applications Processor delivers high performance 3D gaming capability, as well as vivid, rich video on a mobile phone or PDA screen.  The vastly superior gaming experience that NeoMagic offers is in stark contrast to the grainy, shaky video quality all too common on handheld devices today.

— The HP PC Migration Advisor- a free web based tool that will help users understand how to move their personal data, preferences, photos and music to a new PC. Features include: Scanning the user’s PC to see what can be moved, and reports the size of the user’s data profile,  Recommendation of a migration transfer method, such as TCP/IP or USB, Estimating the transfer time for different migration methods, recommendations on how to erase data from an old PC before recycling or giving away, and how to dispose of your old PC

The recently released IntelliMover PC Replacement Suite IntelliMover PC Replacement SuiteT is designed to help users move to a new PC, backup their new PC, and cleanup their old PC. The Suite is available direct from Detto Technologies or via its distribution partners Dell, IBM & Gateway and retail outlets including Best Buy.

— EchoStar executives will demonstrate DISH Network’s new award winning satellite TV receiver, the DISH Player DVR 921, which features high definition and digital video recording, an industry first. Also featured will be a new, low cost, high definition TV bundle that includes an HD monitor and receiver for less than $1,000. DISH Network is also introducing a DVR that provides digital video recording in more than one room.

— Apex Digital Inc., is America’s number one seller of DVD players.  At this year’s CES, Apex will be unveiling groundbreaking new DVD players and recorders, as well as new additions to its television and other product lines.

— Universal Remote Control, Inc. will be launching a new retail line of universal remotes with IR/RF capability which allows for whole-house control.

The line consists of three remotes that range from $100 to $200, essentially
creating a new middle market for universal remotes. The three new remotes
feature professional grade functions such as IR/RF capabilities,
programmable macros, LCD touchscreens and other unique learning capabilities
unavailable in other universal remotes.  In addition to this new line, they will be showcasing their higher-end retail line as well.

— It has been called “stunning”, “revolutionary” and an “inevitability”, and it is now a reality with iBiquity Digital and major industry partners, including Texas Instruments, Phillips, Kenwood, JVC and Panasonic leading the consumer introduction of HD Radio technology during the 2004 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2004).  HD Radio AM and FM broadcast technology represents the industry’s biggest leap forward since the introduction of FM more than fifty years ago and will usher in radio’s digital era with unsurpassed sound quality – FM delivering CD-level performance and AM matching today’s FM stereo – plus new features, such as integrated wireless data that displays information as text or rich media directly on the faceplate of the radio.

HD Radio’s digital technology also paves the way for the introduction of a number of new services designed to transform the radio broadcasting industry for the digital era.  These services include interactive features supporting the on-demand delivery of audio and data programming at the press of a button, automated store-and-recall capabilities that bring television’s PVR-based functionality to radio, and NPR’s Tomorrow Radio project, a Supplemental Audio Programming (SAP) service that will allow network affiliates to simultaneously broadcast two separate programs on the same channel.  Unlike HDTV, which requires that broadcasters move to new spectrum space, the FCC-approved HD Radio technology is designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing broadcasting spectrum and infrastructure.  Broadcasters simply add new digital transmission equipment, while consumers transition to digital through the use of newly-introduced HD Radio receivers – similar to the way that black-and-white television gave way to living color.

— No, it’s not Microsoft. It’s OQO. CEO Jory Bell, OQO, is betting on success with the company’s Ultra Personal Computer, a product that fulfills the promise of the PocketPC. He will be a CES with this emerging product and would like to give you a sneak peek.

It’s a pocket-sized computer with the power of a laptop. This mini-computer is powered by a 1GHz Crusoe processor, and has a 20GB hard drive, 802.11b and Bluetooth. Plus, it runs Windows XP. It’s pretty sexy! Product specs are pasted below.

— A new form of wireless headset technology will be publicly demoed at CES,

as it is now about to ship in volume through major retail channels – this
is based on magnetic technology, as opposed to Radio Frequency (aka
Bluetooth).  The benefits provided by magnetic communications are manifold,

* the new headset works with virtually any existing mobile or wireless phone;
* it offers up to 25 hours of talk time from a single AA battery with 3
months of standby power (also no wall charger needed);
* provides exceptionally clear communications;
* does not interfere with Wifi and cordless phones (Bluetooth operates in
the same 2.4 Ghz frequency range as these and conflicts with their signals
– magnetic communications headsets operate at 13.5 Mhz);
* offers built-in privacy and encryption (the headset creates a
3-dimensional ‘bubble’ that envelops the personal space of each user and
is – by the laws of physics  – inherently private and secure – Bluetooth
radiates at up to 25 feet);
* is significantly less expensive than Bluetooth headsets

— SLI will unveil the new Digistor UltraSlim combination USB 2.0/FireWire

go-anywhere DVD Burner and one of the first dual 8x DVDR.

The Digistor UltraSlim DVD Multi Burner weighs less than a pound and features
a combination USB 2.0/ FireWire interface for plug and play PC connectivity and
a complete suite of DVD authoring, editing, recording and playback software.
It’s great for people on-the-go or from moving files from office to office, office
to home.

Pushing the performance envelope, the new Digistor 8x Multi burner will enable
users to write 4.7GB +/-R discs in under 10 minutes.

— Disney’s new movie-on-demand service MovieBeam.

— IOGEAR will show off its new Wi-Fi product line, including its Wireless-G Broadband Gateway, USB 2.0 Flex Adapter and Notebook Network Card, along with its new BOSS™ (Broadband Office Storage Server) appliance.

— EziTraK can remotely lock and immobilize the vehicle via GSM, provide live location, speed and direction, extensive history log via a black box recorder, and track the vehicle via GPS.  All this with no ongoing monitoring or back-to-base fees – vehicle security and usage is completely in the owner’s hands without relying on a third party.

— The PMA Marketing Research projects that by the end of this year, more than 33 million U.S. households will own digital cameras.  And while men generally have a greater interest in making the initial purchase of this new gadget, it’s women who take on the role of “primary user” in nearly half of these households.  These women take digital photos in order to preserve memories, but yet very few actually print out these digital images.  According to PMA, these barriers to printing more digital images at home include print quality, ease of use and cost.

Epson’s new photo printer breaks down these barriers without the confusing and unnecessary bells and whistles.  Women will love it because they can quickly and easily print out lab-quality photos of their kids to send to the grandparents — without having to run to the photo lab or be a tech expert.  And men will love it because their wives won’t interrupt Monday Night Football to ask for help in printing them out.

— BravoBrava!
Imagine what your digital life would be like if all of your digital content
— favorite TV shows, photographs, music, TiVo-stored content, radio
stations – were available to you from any location, at any time, and on most
any device, including your cell phone or PDA. That’s the kind of vision that
BravoBrava! is turning into a reality with its AllMiMedia software platform.
BravoBrava is showing how devices enabled with the AlIMiMedia software can
make all your content available remotely.

— Did you know that you can now make a complete home video in 2 minutes? At
CES, you will have the opportunity to see the debut of Studio 9, the next
evolution in home video editing from Pinnacle Systems (,
creators of the world’s best-selling home movie making software with more
than seven million copies shipped to date.

— Telly™ MC800 Home Entertainment Server, the most affordable, innovative home entertainment server on the market today.   Our newest version, priced at $749 (MSRP), features a sleek, compact design that easily fits into virtually any home entertainment center, and can be customized/upgraded via Interact-TV’s online store (

For those of you unfamiliar with Telly, it enables users to access virtually every form of digital entertainment.  In a single multi-function unit, Telly brings together broadband Internet, cable and satellite television, digital audio and video entertainment, and digital home networking. Linux-based, it is the industry’s most customizable and expandable system for digital entertainment, making it easy to store, manage, access and enjoy digital media.

— VOOM, recently launched by Cablevision, provides the most comprehensive
array of HD programming anywhere – 39 HD channels by February, including 21,
brand new, exclusive to VOOM, commercial free, HD channels (such as Rush,
Monsters, Gallery, and WorldSPORT) – seeing is definitely believing.  As you
know, many folks are heading out to purchase these amazing HD TV’s, but
getting home and having very little to actually watch in HD!  VOOM is
changing all that.

In addition to seeing the product and it content as it is now, we would also
like to talk to you about the announcement VOOM will be making at CES –
regarding HD whole home networking, which is certain to be big news at the

— An exciting new breakthrough in HDTV technology that enables new form factors and designs will highlight the RCA press conference at the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show. Experience HDTV in a whole new way and get brought up to speed on the latest in RCA digital audio, too.

–From Uniden:  Advanced cordless phones

– NEW 5.8GHz Digital Expandable – The most advanced cordless technology in a new sleek design and expandable up to 10 handsets

– NEW 2.4GHz Digital Expandable – Full-featured 2.4GHz phone system with up to four-handset capability and a new, compact cell-phone like design

8-Mile GMRS radios – Pushing the technology envelope, Uniden’s new GMRS two-way radios offer a range of up to 8-miles and a rugged, waterproof design

Mystic full VHF/GPS mapping handheld – Merging the advanced features of VHF radio communication and the latest in GPS technology, the Mystic introduces new possibilities for marine electronics

–Titan Global Commerce, Inc (TGC) launches the first of its Titan tm brand, a complete line of high tech CE products Electronics with two industry beating cutting edge TVs.

–What is it? SoundPix Plus is a recorder/player desktop software application that will let users embed anything from a few words to a whole song in a digital image. Then they can email these sound-enhanced digital photos to friends with the audio recording embedded into the jpeg.

–OTC Wireless will be announcing  their new WiJET.Video, the first 802.11g

wireless adapter for video projectors, plasma TVs, LCD screens, etc.
Connect the WiJET.Video’s video and audio output jacks to your video
player/display unit and you can stream video from your 802.11g equipped
laptop or desktop machine. Not only can you play computer video files, you
can even play compressed video embedded in a PowerPoint presentation.

–muvee will be showing the new Media Center version of their award winning
autoPorducer3 software (PC Mag named it as one of the top 100 products of
2003).   Now, not only can you automatically edit videos and easily add
music, titles and effects, you can now do this by using a remote control
and a computer running Microsoft’s Media Center operating system. True
couch potato video editing is finally here! By using muvee, anyone can edit
videos into slick looking productions.


— The world’s first Internet-enabled, wireless On-Key™ Karaoke Video Maker!  With IVL Technologies’ new wireless On-Key Karaoke Video Maker, anyone can create the perfect audition tape or capture fun moments with family and friends while singing along to their favorite songs.  The On-Key Karaoke Video Maker features patented On-Key voice altering technology and contest scoring features, with the convenience of a hands-free headset, wireless remote control and built in video camera.  The player connects directly to any VCR and television to display both lyrics and video images onscreen.

The On-Key Karaoke Video Maker features a hands-free headset microphone and belt-clip remote control, enabling the singer the freedom to add the latest dance moves to the performance of their favorite song.  The ­­­On-Key Karaoke Video Maker has 10 hit songs built in, and includes a coupon for ten free songs of the singer’s choice from  The player is Internet-enabled to purchase and download additional songs from The player can hold up to 150 songs and includes software that allows users to customize and manage their song lists.

In addition to the patented “On-Key” vocal pitch correction technology, the On-Key Karaoke Video Maker also includes a variety of vocal effects such as IVL’s patented gender shifting (male to female and vice versa), duets and real-time vocal harmony.  The features can be activated with the touch of a single button on the remote and are recorded with the performance. (VCR not included).  You can find out more about IVL Technologies by going to

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