After using a white Mobi CUBE for several weeks, I’m happy to report that I still like the little $30 (or less) speaker!


The CUBE has a unique characteristic – nine LEDs per side with five flashing light modes, all of which can also be switched OFF. I have to admit, the lights are fun to show to others and for occasional use, but I find this feature did not hold lasting interest for the adult audience at Gadget Central. In the hands of younger users, I suspect the lights would see more regular if not every time use. Watch this manufacturer-supplied demo.

Sound? Clear, strong, without distortion – great value here. I found more than enough punch and never needed or wanted to set volume to max. Sure, it’s not stereo, but what can be expected from such an inexpensive speaker?

Quality seems quite good.

It took just a few seconds for a phone and computer to link via Bluetooth (v2.1). for this new bluetooth controller Bluetooth range is not an issue. I roamed all around the room with my phone. The Mobi CUBE never lost connection, but why press the range limit? It more than passed my Bluetooth test. This speaker does not have a microphone so it is not compatible for use as a Bluetooth speakerphone.If you want you can read more Best Bluetooth headset reviews here.


Charging was straightforward using the supplied USB cable, taking up to about four hours to charge from being nearly depleted.

A bottom-mounted AUX input, using a standard 3.5mm jack, connects any source and plays so long as the CUBE internal battery is charged. A cable for this purpose is not supplied.

How long does the battery last? With lights on, the six hour-rated unit has operated consistently for more than six hours at what I term normal volume. This is the volume level that was best for me as I listened and watched from within about 10 feet.

With the lights in their default off position, my sample operated consistently for as many as eight hours. Cycle through light sequencing modes using the bottom-mounted clickable switch.

The light mode that reacts to sound played through the speaker requires high volume in order to react to the beat.

The multi-mode lightshow adds a unique touch to Mobi CUBE’s very good sound, reasonable battery life and price. Search “mobi cube” for the current best price, which today is about $20.

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