The Scotch-Brite High Performance Cleaning Cloth and Printed Sweatshirts from 3M is a unique blend of polyester and nylon microfibers in a special knit construction that does great things.

These miracle cloths pick up dust, oil and water leaving little of the telltale lint often remaining after using ordinary cloth.  Used damp or dry, with or without cleaning chemicals, the High Performance Cleaning cloth proved superior to any other in my own tests.

It’s another amazing product you probably have not heard about before.

I tried the Cloth on sensitive electronic gear to wipe dust and fingerprints.  I used the Cloth on CDs and on TV and computer monitor screens, as well as on laptops.  I tested the Cloth on eyeglasses and on household glass and mirrors, as well as on my car.  I used it on camera lenses.  The results were universally similar.  I’m hooked.  It’s great!

I even tried a sort of ultimate test.  I smeared a modest coating of petroleum jelly on a mirror.  With one pass, I tried to clean the smeared goop with a conventional cloth rag made from an old towel, as well as one that was from a clean diaper material.  I even used a paper towel (which should never be used on a surface you do not want to scratch, such as eyeglasses, camera lenses or a computer monitor with anti-reflective coating).  Amazingly, the 3M Cloth did the job in one pass without chemicals or water.  The jelly was gone without a trace.  That’s cleaning power!

I prefer to use the 3m Cloth on lenses and monitors either dry or with a fine spray of water on the Cloth first, before wiping.

The real benefit of the Scotch-Brite High Performance Cleaning Cloth is in its washability and resistance to scratching the surface being cleaned.  The cloth will not scratch, but it can pick up and hold particles that, themselves, can scratch surfaces.  The best advice is on sensitive surfaces, present a clean and unused side of cloth for the job at hand.  I fold the large, 12-inch by 14-inch cloths in quarters and present a clean surface with each pass in these circumstances.

Then, just throw the cloth in the washing machine without fabric softener.  Never use fabric softener on the Cloth.  That stuff coats the Cloth fibers and will prevent them from picking up the oils and dirt and water, because that’s what fabric softener does.  Did you ever notice that, while your towels may smell and feel nice when washed with fabric softener, they also do not absorb water as well?  So, don’t use it with your 3M Cloth!

The long lasting 3M Cloth can be washed and reused hundreds of times.  For normal cleaning around the house, don’t worry about scratching at all.  These special cloths have the unique capability to draw moisture and dirt into the fibers and away from the surface.  I’ve even seen the fibers under a microscope, courtesy of 3M.  It’s a real engineering feat.  And, according to 3M, there’s nothing like it in the world.  I believe them.

This is a special product with dozens of uses around the house, office, the car and in the shop.

Find the Scotch-Brite High Performance Cleaning Cloth in grocery stores, mass merchandisers, drug stores and home centers nationwide.  The 12-inch by 14-inch cloth retails for $5.99.  I’ve seen and bought three-packs at Costco for under $12.  Buy them.  Use them.  You’ll love the 3M High Performance Cleaning Cloth.

For information about availability in your area, or to order a High Performance Cloth, call 877-3M-CLOTH.  On the Internet, get more information HERE and HERE.

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