I’ve just had the best meatloaf I’ve ever made, and I love a great meatloaf!  The new $20 two-piece Rachael Ray Yum-O 2-piece Meatloaf Pan is for real and this review is one of the easiest I’ve ever written.


I’ve always made great meatloaf, using traditional recipes as well as some I’ve tried and like from others. Meatloaf is a dish that is easy to prepare and to cook. I especially like it when it is a mix of meats and interesting spices.  Try it with a combination of ground turkey, ground chuck or better cuts and Italian sausage (without the casing), either made traditionally or with chicken or turkey. There are SO many excellent meatloaf recipes!

The problem has always been all that fat that the meat sits in while baking. I’ve seen other two-piece methods, but Rachael’s is spot-on for ease of use, ease of cleanup and that fantastic price.  I only wish she would also offer one larger than this 9 x 5 pan, so I could make a large meatloaf for a big and hungry group.  But that is beside the point of how good this one is.

Made from carbon steel with non-stick coating, the inner tray also has three raised ribs on the bottom as well as holes all around near the outside edges on the bottom. The silicone inserts in the handles on the bottom pan are a nice touch, as well.  The pan can bake at up to 500º in the oven.

Remove the liner and use the bottom for any other baking duty.

In the past, I used a Pyrex loaf pan and other solid pans.  I had to take out the meat while cooking and suck the fat off with a baster.  It never worked 100% well.

With this new pan, I can shape the loaf, let the fat drain to the bottom pan and even put a light sauce topping on that stays mostly in place, sealed against the sides by the meat so it won’t fall and be gone through the drain holes.

So simple, yet so effective.  If you love meatloaf as I, get one of these.  And with the kids back in school, you’ll probably look for more quick and easy meals to prepare. Now, with this extra step of draining the fat from meatloaf a step no more, making great-tasting and healthier meatloaf is easier than ever, and priced right.

Cleanup is a cinch, as well.  The non-stick surface does the job.

Get yours online at the Rachael Ray link above OR from potsandpans.com.

Thanks, Rachael!

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