Logitech Zone 900 Wireless, model 981-001100, is a premium, professional-grade BUSINESS headset and a standout in a crowded field.

Logitech has leveraged technological expertise in what may be the new GO-TO comfortable wireless stereo headset for busy users tied to their computers for all-day calling and virtual meetings, with a smart feature set. Of course, this is also an excellent choice for any user in need of a no-compromise wireless headset. Gamers, are you paying attention? These are a better choice for students than the trendy Apple AirPods variants, though they are probably better matched to home or dorm use than out and about.

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  • Zone 900 headset – buy from Amazon
  • *Unifying USB-A dongle for computers
  • Short adapter cord for dongle, converts USB-A to USB-C
  • 54” charging cord
  • Drawstring carrying/storage bag
  • Graphical instructions on inside cover of box, with links for apps, support, more, plus QR codes


Plug it in to charge while reading the graphical instructions. Become familiar with the functions, buttons and controls. See the versatile charging options using either the generously long charging cord or Qi charging through side opposite the one with controls and boom mic. Qi charger is not supplied, but these are becoming common to users with Qi-capable mobile phones. Just set the Zone 900 on its ear atop a compatible Qi charger.

As an example, when taking a break, even a short one, set the Zone 900 on the Qi to add some juice without plugging in.

Zone 900 can also be used while plugged in and tethered to its long charging cable while charging with a typical USB-A charger. Qi charging puts about an hour’s use with only 5 minutes on the Qi. There need be no down time.

Without topping up the charge during a busy day’s use, Logitech expects up to 14 hours of battery life per charge. The charging options assure that even pulling an all-nighter will never let users down when it comes to being able to use Zone 900 uninterrupted well beyond the time you drop from exhaustion. It will be ready to do it all over again.

Flipping up the mic engages mute, with audible confirmation, and audible confirmation that mute is off when the mic is pulled down to position for use. A secondary mute is through a small button on the boom mic’s stem.

ANC (Automatic Noise Cancellation) is engaged and disengaged with its dedicated button on the periphery of the speaker that has the boom mic. Also on that side is the On/Off button that doubles as the pairing engagement button. Audio confirmation is provided for both functions.

Volume control and Play/Pause is through the connected computer or mobile device’s volume Up/Down mechanism AND using the raised “+” and “-“ buttons on the middle of the outer cap on that same side as the mic boom. A short press on the center of the cap will answer and end calls, while a long press will summon iOS or Google’s voice assistant.

Though targeted at the business user, the audio specs make the Zone 900 a good companion for listening to music and gaming. Engage ANC to help set aside intrusive ambient noise.

*Why the dongle and Bluetooth? Bluetooth, even v5.0 that is in this product, is a terrible transmission method when it comes to music quality. Wired is where it’s at for the best music listening. This is a wireless headset. The dongle, a Unifying + Audio USB receiver affords the best connectivity with a computer. Its own network provides connectivity for not only the Zone 900, but also compatible Logitech pointing device and keyboards. Added to the multi-device connectivity, this method also extends the range of the Zone 900 up to 30m (100 feet). Roam, get up out of your seat and stretch without fear of loss of connectivity. Reserve Bluetooth for mobile device connectivity.

Zone 900 can connect to two devices simultaneously, which is another plus. While connected to both a computer and smartphone, users can take and make calls seamlessly on the mobile device as well as through the computer.

Also of note, Zone 900 Wireless is compatible with Windows, Mac and Chrome OS for Chromebooks.


Charged, apps downloaded and set up with a user account. Through both the mobile and computer app, users can check that the mic and speaker are working as designed.

It was also tested with the Android app. All went perfectly.

I’m writing this on my Mac while listening to Apple Music. The headband exerts just enough pressure to keep the comfortably-padded speakers against my ears throughout the day without producing ear fatigue. They are weight-balanced, too, so they don’t slip forward or backward off my head when tilting forward or back as do many others with a heavier headband. This is an important comfort note. Even if this headset was exemplary in all other ways, if it was too heavy and awkward, in constant need of adjustment or if it just would not remain in place, it would be deal breaker. I am so pleased to report on the comfort equation as such a plus.

The smartly designed dual-muting has been a plus. Someone had a great idea here.

I have worn the new Zone 900 all day for three days while participating in Zoom meetings, Google Meet calls and a Microsoft Teams calls, plus numerous phone calls. No one commented negatively about the audio quality. After a few minutes on each of these calls I explained briefly to the other participants that I was using a new headset. I asked for feedback. Without exception, all comments were highly positive, not neutral. I count this as a win. My family, friends and colleagues have become accustomed to my asking for feedback on products in the midst of evaluation and review, and I have come to value their comments as I know they would love to tell me when there are things they do not like.

The final test today was a movie screening viewed on my 27-inch 4K HDR monitor and listening to the stereo audio track on this headset. Audio sync was perfect. Music sounded good, dialogue was crisp and sound effects were all heard without defects to cite. With ANC on, I was not bothered by the cacophony of background noise from everyone and everything else going on not far from me.

Fast forward 45 days. I still love this headset! I loaned it to a friend who works remotely. He is on his headset for the entire day. Using the Zone 900 Wireless has been a blessing and a curse. Though his employer provided him with another brand in the same price class, he has fallen for this headset as I did. After two weeks on loan, I asked that my headset be returned. He was so disappointed!

There is also a Logitech 900 Wireless headset that is similar, but NOT the same as this model. This is the ZONE 900 Wireless. Get THIS one, model 981-001100.


Logitech Zone 900 just works, and without any compromises noted. Brilliantly conceived and executed, it is such a joy to use. Nothing was found to include in a minus column. Logitech has hit a home run with the Zone 900 Wireless and is now my favorite wireless, noise canceling Bluetooth stereo headset to use while working at my computer or for general calling while indoors. This is best-in-class without a close competitor of which I am aware.


One year limited hardware warranty as stated on the bottom of the product box.

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