No messing, er, mousing around, the Logitech M650 L, $40, is the right fit for everyday use for most hands. Why do I mention its size? Logitech pitches this model, the “L” is for Large, for large hands, but I must respectfully disagree. My hands are not gargantuan. In the hands of two male friends and two female friends, none commented that this mouse is too large.

On the contrary, everyone commented on its just-right size and comfort. Compared with others in my Logitech mouse collection, some are tagged as portable, in that they are smaller and said to be ideal for travel. Travel mice usually lack features and technology of larger mice in addition to the size differential associated with their lower cost.

This M650 L features typical Logitech all-day comfort with its contoured shape and soft area where the thumb rests on the left side along with rubber side grips on the opposite side.

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As ports are at a premium on many newer PCs and laptops, it features dual connectivity options via Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology as well as conventional plug-in dongle. In fact, the supplied Logi Bolt USB dongle is Logitech’s unified one so it can serve a dual role with both this mouse and a compatible Logitech keyboard. In other words, there would be no need for two dongles if the user has a compatible Logitech keyboard.

Another word about the “L” for large. Logitech offers this wireless mouse for righties as well as southpaws AND a smaller model for more dainty sized hands. With one for just about every user, Logitech has another winner on their hands.

The side buttons are customizable for a variety of the user’s favorite shortcuts, including Copy/Paste and app launch, all through downloadable FREE Windows and Mac software called Logitech Options Plus, currently in beta. Device basic functions are supported without software on Chrome OS and most popular Linux distros.

The Logitech SmartWheel scroll wheel is also newly designed. Unlike other models that feature a click to release the line-by-line motion in favor of freewheeling spin, the M650 works as follows. Scroll slowly, silently, line-by-line or flick to spin for super-fast scrolling up or down.

With up to two years use on one AA alkaline battery (supplied) it is easy to see how well Logitech engineers designed this mouse to squeeze every ounce of performance out of the least amount of energy.

  • M650 L, with included battery and USB dongle
  • Documentation

Open the blister pack along perforated lines and remove the cardboard backing and the mouse. Remove the paper tab from the battery well. Read the simplified instructions, directing the user to remove the battery cover. Here, users have the choice to remove the dongle and insert it into a USB-A spot on the desktop or laptop, Windows, Mac or Linux computer OR connect using low-voltage Bluetooth. Using Bluetooth, this mouse is also compatible with iPad OS 13.4 and later and Android 5.0 and later.

Download and install Logitech Options Plus software using the provided link. Connect the mouse.

Customize the buttons, if interested.

Start mousing. Now, it’s time to . . .


The Logitech M650 L is, at once, as easy to use as any other mouse, even easier, and can be customized with side button special features.

Operation is as smooth and quiet as promised. It fits quite comfortably in the hand with no sign of fatigue the entire first day of use. On subsequent days the M650 L  has been just as comfortable. The buttons are pre-programmed to jump forward and back in a browser. No modifiers were employed.

The scroll wheel’s operation and the R and L clicker are virtually silent. Though the mouse is largely plastic, there is no feeling that this mouse is cheaply made.

Tested with MacOS, Windows 11 and Chrome OS on an Acer Chromebook, I like it! I especially like that it pairs via BT or the dongle, but I must confess, I like it best with BT.

The beta software will get better and better over time as software does by its very nature. Do not be deterred. Enjoy it now and even more later.


Using the Logitech M650 L has been without any finding of, “I wish . . .” Logitech has delivered as expected, a modestly priced, full featured and high quality new mouse that is sure to please users for quite some time.

Consumers can spend more, lots more, or less for a mouse. At $40, this hits a sweet spot in price versus performance and unless the user needs special features and more customizability, the Logitech Signature M650 L will be right for most. Buying it with Amazon Prime is worry-free, so give it a try and feel free to let me know if you like it as much as I. Check out the available colors, too.

Logitech’s excellent reputation in this category is well deserved.

Highly recommended!


One year manufacturer’s warranty.

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