Can’t you just feel it? The excitement, I mean.

I acknowledge that 99.99% of you have not thought about garbage disposals unless one was needed, and then I’d bet that you did not shop with the knowledge I am about to impart. Most of you probably left the choice to someone else. And, besides, who cares, anyway?

I want you to care because garbage disposals are pretty cool tools that are not as similar as you may have thought or have been led to believe. Why leave the choice to someone else, such as your plumber or a well-meaning friend or relative? Take charge and be prepared to make an informed purchase decision whenever the need presents itself. It’s not tough.

Prices vary widely, but not only because one may be better than others. Two motor technologies vie for your business and I’m here to demystify all of it. It’s my job to help make your choice an easy one, or at least an easier one.

Who wouldn’t want, that is, NEED a kick ass garbage disposal? Really, if given the choice, would you say, “NO” to an up to 1.25 HP garbage disposal with technology better than the others?

We consumers have been groomed and misinformed on the subject. The result is that most consumers believe that garbage disposals are to be used sparingly, and that most food waste is never to be put in there. Well, friends, that is simply not correct.

Instead of adding stinky food waste to the garbage, grinding it in the right garbage disposal and sending it out with the sewage allows it to be treated through municipal waste treatment plants or in the property’s septic tank, where the ground food waste will be dealt with by the septic tank doing what septic tanks do. A quick and efficient, water-conscious garbage disposal can be at the heart of dealing with household food waste.

Lower powered disposals producing inefficiently ground food waste are not recommended.

A powerful garbage disposal with the best technology is a godsend. Having studied and covered garbage disposal technology since about 2008 and with a wealth of experience, I can say first hand that the answer is out there!

Have a look at my first article and review of garbage disposals from May, 2009!

Here’s a shocker! Insinkerator, the best known garbage disposal brand and often the highest rated, does not have the best technology, in my opinion and in my experience, and covered in my 2009 article linked above.

What I learned occurred during a compelling trade show demonstration. I was shown the two competing motor technologies. One provides a motor that does not deliver instant, full-torque power as soon as the switch is turned on. The other one does! The GOOD motor is made with what is known as “permanent magnet” technology. Jamming a wooden broom handle into the blades will not prevent it from starting up. With the other technology, that broom handle will easily prevent the motor from starting up.

Can you guess which motor technology is featured in this article? Ding ding! You are correct!

Imagine flooring the accelerator pedal in a conventional minivan. Now, wrap your head around what happens when flooring the pedal in the latest dual-motor Tesla. Instant, shoves-you-into-the-back-of-your-seat raw power. Raw power is almost unstoppable, and that is what is on tap with the right garbage disposal. Food waste is shredded into tiny, manageable pieces, quicky and efficiently, without jamming or clogging the kitchen pipes.

Consumers will notice that the better known brand’s best products with inferior technology usually cost more and are still prone to getting stuck for no reason other than a motor that can too easily jam and stop.

What blows me away and confuses me at the same time is how and WHY Insinkerator disposals continue to be so highly rated, even top-rated, instead of what I believe to be superior products from Joneca and a better value. What am I missing? Their ONLY claim to fame is that they are, to my knowledge, still made in the USA, and with pending new ownership, that may change.

Here is the tell. The ones more prone to stoppage typically spin at about 1800 RPM. The better ones with better motor technology in a high-end product spins at a nearly unstoppable 2800 RPM. So, look for that number. Nearly instant spin-up to as much as 2800 RPM versus a less aggressive, relatively leisurely 1800 RPM. What will best get the job done?

Of course, any garbage disposal is the sum of its parts, and the motor is but one factor. In my view, if all other parts and pieces are top notch, the garbage disposal will have the best chance to do what it is supposed to do without stoppage due to jamming OR clogging.

ALL of this assumes that the disposal is not being fed car parts, cans and metal machinery.

Search online for what so-called experts say should NOT go into a garbage disposal. This is where those incorrect answers will be found and with which I disagree.

The list of permissible foods is long. With care, Mr. Gadget’s and manufactures’ industry “approved” foods for the garbage disposals with the better motor technology includes coffee grounds, egg shells, fruit pits, avocado skins, small bones and so much more, even potato skins, just not all at once. NEVER fill any disposal with food waste first and then turn it on. Be kind & smart. Turn on cold water, then slowly introduce the waste, continuing to flush it all down with a steady flow of cold water that continues for at least 30 seconds after the garbage disposal has finished doing its job.

I know that in many parts of the country there is severe and unprecedented drought. Here at Gadget Central we are also living with this reality, so we are careful about using the disposal with water conservation at top-of-mind.

What are the other important parts of a high quality disposal? Balanced, vibration reducing, stainless steel grinding components, sound dampening insulation, three-bolt mounting that can result in a simple DIY installation for those who do not shy away from such things. I’ve done it, so it can’t be that difficult. If an old, dead garbage disposal already has an “easy mount,” then the replacement with quick-mount design could be a 20-minute project.

Even on good models with less than today’s best, massive 1-1/4 HP motors, the motor still spins at or close to 2800 RPM, so why not get the best technology and move on with your life?

The model featured in this review and other similar power house products are also supplied with a removable splash guard so it is easy to see inside to the chamber, easy to remove items and easy to clean the bottom of the splash guard to prevent odors.

Another popular feature is a Silver Guard® magnetic ring that is designed to catch, hold and prevent silverware that is magnetically active from falling into the garbage disposal. Been there, done that, but with stainless steel and sterling silver flatware that no magnet would have prevent from falling in. Mangling silverware caused me to learn how to re-grind, buff and polish the damaged areas. These were hard lessons learned from my younger years. But, I digress . . .

Who would not want all of this? Home owners would want this, to be sure. Renters might not want to make this investment, though it can come with up to a 12-year product warranty and a LIFETIME corrosion warranty, not available from any other manufacturer. Renters or property owners may decide on a less powerful and less costly. HOWEVER, the lesser models run the risk of less robust performance. I get it. It’s not a simple decision for everyone.

**As an Amazon Associate, I may receive a small commission from qualifying purchases through links in articles. Your cost will be identical.**

For home owners who will live where it is used, this is what I recommend and what I did. Until recently, I have had 1.0 HP disposals from Waste King, otherwise known as Anaheim Manufacturing and the parent company Joneca Company, LLC. The Waste King brand was the first of these brands with which I was familiar and the brand of garbage disposal that started me on this journey. Here it is at Amazon.

There are several brands using this same permanent magnet, high speed technology. Some are physically larger with more insulation, ideal where there is plenty of room under the sink. There are slim-line models, as well, for installation where under sink space is slight. All have the same grinding mechanism and internal capacity. More surrounding insulation provides more sound absorption. Not that the slimline models are particularly noisy. They are not. Just a little bit louder. No one at Gadget Central where we tried the slim model thought the sound was intrusive. Again, the slim models are ideal under sinks where there is no room to spare.

The common thread amongst many of these is that they are manufactured by the same company, Joneca. Their garbage disposals are popping up everywhere, and now with power up to 1-1/4 HP.

The featured review product is a brand that is new to me called Smart Choice. Part of Electrolux, which owns Whirlpool, Frigidaire and others, it is also manufactured by Joneca. American Standard also markets garbage disposals with the same technology, including at Costco and Lowe’s, with this same technology and made my Joneca. Ditto for GE, found at The Home Depot, and the Moen brand.

It can be confusing!

Regardless, this 1.25 HP model is a beast in the very best sense of the word.

These are “continuous feed” disposals, which means that with the water on, food waste may be introduced continuously. Just use it as described with plenty of cold water and enjoy it.

  • Smart Choice 1.25 HP Corded Garbage Disposal from Best Buy
  • Silver Guard® magnetic collar to help prevent magnetically sensitive items from going down the chute
  • Stopper and dishwasher connector
  • Documentation

As always, READ the documentation. Then either DIY it or have it installed by someone who knows what to do, perhaps a professional. However, in my experience, this is not a tough job for the handy home owner. If this is part of NEW costrucion in a new or remodeled kitchen, there are other considerations the contractor or builder will know about. Included is a side drain for connection to a dishwasher. If necessary, consult with the boss!

Note that this disposal is equipped with a typical power cord designed to be plugged into a switched outlet under the sink.

A Silver Guard® to catch and help prevent silverware that is attracted to magnetism from falling into the mechanism is also included.

Installed and plugged in, it’s time to . . .


I LOVE this product! Not only does it perform as well as or better than ANY others of which I am aware, it is more powerful than others of which I am aware. That extra 1/4 HP over those with 1 HP may or may not make a difference, but considering that there are basic units with just 1/4 HP, this is at the head of the class. Compare prices and warranties to the others brands using this technology.

You’ve seen that this Smart Choice 1.25 HP garbage disposal costs less than the big brand with which you may be familiar. And that is why THIS product so easily passes my “value equation” test. More for YOUR money. That was easy.

Treated well, with the respect it is due, it should be around and working well beyond its generous warranty period.


This quiet and powerful Smart Choice 1.25 HP garbage disposal is highly recommended without reservations. Find other models made by Joneca for other brands listed and choose what makes sense for you.


12-year parts and labor product warranty from the manufacturer, plus a lifetime corrosion warranty

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