I am NOT a guitar player. I like watching it, however and I played the piano and violin as a kid.  With that out of the way, I want to introduce you to an amazing product, the Fretlight Guitar and Learning System.

With time (that is, my time) in mind, I decided the best way to evaluate a product such as this would be to put it in the hands of someone who really wants to learn to play the guitar. Lucky for me, I know of someone ideal for the task at hand.

His name is Logan, an 18-year old student who decided he wanted to learn the guitar, so he just picked one up and started to learn. He has been told that, even at his early stage of learning, he has talent and aptitude for the instrument.

The Fretlight Guitar was sent to him. It comes with a Windows-based learning system and connects to the USB port on the PC, as well as to the user’s own guitar amp through a standard ¼-inch jack on the guitar.

What sets the Fretlight apart from other products is both the software and the LED illumination under the fretboard. This is the area under the long neck.  The LEDs guide the student’s hand and fingers to where they need to be as the lessons progress.  When the computer cable is not in use, the Fretlight looks and sounds like other quality guitars. The LEDs will not come on and no one would know from looking at it that there are LEDs under the fretboard.  It’s very cool!



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