Have pot, will boil!  Pasta? Potatoes?  Sure, you know what I mean.  Kuhn Rikon Spill Stopper Lid prevents boil overs, plain and simple.

Available in 10- and 12-inch diameters for $25 and $30, respectively, and in red, green and purple, the secret to these lids is in the centrally placed overlapping vents. 

When there is no pressure from the pot below, the vents are closed.  When there is steam present, it forces open the vents.  As the steam volume mounts and the bubbles form below, they have but one place to go, through the smaller vents, where they dissipate.

I’ve tried to defeat the system with the standard items above, but the Spill Stopper Lid triumphed.  Oh, happy day! Boil over messes avoided, once and for all.

No more do I need to watch the pot to avoid the mess.  No more do I need to put the lid on crooked as a venting mechanism, then be sorry for not watching closely enough to avoid boil over.

Spill Stopper Lids are simple and effective, just the way I like things.

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