Forget about those noise electric can openers and take a look at and buy the Kuhn Rikon opener best suited for you or someone else.

This one, their Auto Safety Lidlifter, $20 and available in red, black white and green, is different from the rest of their line of excellent Lidlifter can openers, the best of which, in my opinion, was previously evaluated. 

After reading my linked previous article, you will see an obvious difference.  The Side-Wind is, well, side winding, as opposed to the turning part being top-mounted, and it is big for ergonomics, ideal for those with mobility issues who find it difficult to grip onto and turn top-mounted knobs and such.  Even I find this one to be easier, turning from the side, than the Auto Safety Lifter.  I still love the other one and do not have such issues, but in the hands of testers with arthritis and general weakness that comes with age, the Side-Wind was universally praised.

In addition, as can be seen from the image above, the rings on top direct the user to easier alignment on the can.  Using this cool kitchen tool proved to be of little concern to my group of testers.  Not one was unable to get the Side-Wind onto the can and no one was unable to open two cans with minimal effort.

Which is best?  It’s a tie. Either one is just about perfect.  It becomes a matter of preference, either based upon a coin toss or if one or the other’s knob is more comfortable and useful on top or on the side.

So, there you have it.  A wonderful addition to Kuhn Rikon’s line of the best openers on the market.  Now, get one or more Side-Winds or Auto Safety Lifters for your kitchen and for those you know who want the best manual lid-cutting openers, likely to last many, many years. All the best-of-class Kuhn Rikon Openers are here.  Buy from

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