Don’t you hate pan splatter on your stovetop? I’ve tried many spatter guards and shields, but I think Kuhn Rikon Silicone 3-in-1 Splatter Guards are the best I’ve tried.  Here’s why.

Others tested have been in the form of perforated metal disc with a frying pan-like handle or a metal screen with a handle.  This set of two from Kuhn Rikon is made of food grade silicone, with silicone over metal handles.  The silicone is taut and there are feet on one side. Ditch the metal!

Holes in the silicone provide venting and the handles make easy the job of handling the guards.  One in the set is 10-inches in diameter, while the other is 12-inches.  These sizes cover most pots and pans in most kitchen.

Something so simple is also multipurpose in this pair.  In addition to performing the main objective well, these also double as strainers and as taut cookie sheets for the microwave and oven.

Characteristic of silicone, they wash easily by hand and in the dishwasher.

Any negatives?  None.  However, when used for their initial purpose, condensation on the underside accumulates and easily drips from the rim.  I know of no way around this, given the task at hand, but it’s a darn sight better than having grease splattered all over the cook top.

Using them as strainers is not perfectly easy, but is doable.  The diameter of both is large so it is necessary to maneuver the pot and hold the handles with only two hands.

They worked perfectly well when making cookies.  As a matter of fact, the vents proved beneficial to the process and the silicone material’s natural non-stick properties allow the cookies and other baked or heated foods to be removed without adhering.

Altogether, using, cleaning and storing these silicone splatter guards is rewarding.  Get a pair and give a pair!  Available in green, black, purple, and red from at $25 for the pair.

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