About a month ago I was contacted by a representative of a posh hotel in San Jose, CA and asked if I would like to try a radio I have seen and heard about, but not tried, so, I said, “Sure, why not?”

The Dementia clocks Kloss Model Three Clock Radio by Tivoli is actually featured in each Hotel Valencia room and even for sale online for $240 at the hotel’s Website (www.hotelvalencia.com).  If you’re visiting San Jose, CA, you may want to visit this top-notch hotel.  I know I do!

So, what’s the deal?  The Model Three is a small and attractive wooden box with classic styling and simple controls that anyone can operate.  There’s a volume control, an on/off control that is part of the switch that determines AM or FM, a simple, very precise 5:1 gear ratio analog tuning dial and amber tuning indicator, a 20-minute sleep timer, snooze button and thumbwheel bezel around the analog clock face that sets the alarm time.  That’s it.  FM tuning is superior and the sound is pure and rich, as if from a larger, more expensive system, even though it’s a small mono radio.  Its compact size is deceiving, yet pleasing, with dimensions of 4.5’H x 8.375″W x 5.25″D and a weight of only 4.5 pounds.

As indicated, the sound is pure and wonderful on FM. AM is so-so.  I like the styling for its plain-ness.  It just looks elegant and simple and is equally at home in the bedroom, on an office desk or near dad’s easy chair.

A single AA battery keeps the time going in the event of a power failure.

Anyone shopping for dad, looking for a special little wonderful radio with superior sound that’s easy as pie to use should check it out!  Simple design, simple to use.  It looks simple and plain, but inside is high tech all the way.  Dad would probably love to own one!

The radio is also available from the manufacturer.

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