How I love my job!  I get to look into new, innovative designs, try them and then tell you about them.  A perfect example is a company new to me called Dreamfarm, an Australian firm that was exhibiting at the recent Housewares Show in Chicago.  I like their spirit and their products, and I am sure you will, as well.

Clever, useful, colorful, innovative and whimsical are all appropriate descriptors for the Dreamfarm product line, some of which I’ve had the opportunity to put through their paces here at Gadget Central.  In addition, they are decidedly different from others’ offerings.

Chopula, for example, is, as the company says, a chopping sit up spatula.  I’ve been using one and I have to smile as I use it.  The oddly shaped utensil has had quite a bit of thought put into its design.  Notice when you visit the product link that the handle is offset from the business end. Notice, too, its “multicurved head.”  What cannot be seen without watching the video on that page (be sure to click the Play Video link) is the flexibility and versatility of Chopula.  Now, you see just how clever and useful Chopula can be.  You know that much thought has gone into the design of this seemingly simple tool. It is the spatula reinvented, and better.

Smood is, plain and simple, a mashing tool reinvented.  It reminds me of a similarly designed egg scrambler from decades ago.  Smood’s big and springy head is designed to trap the object of the masher’s mashing within its springy clutches.  Then, as you will see from the video linked on the Smood page, just press to mash.  And because mashing happens in one swift press, potatoes will not become starchy from too much mashing.  Yes, it works perfectly!

Tapi is another useful, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that, somewhat goofy product that is ultimately useful. Tap, squeeze, drink, fountain = Tapi.  Again, just click the video link to see it in action and have your own AHA! moment.  Are you seeing a pattern here? Tapi is fun to use and should be a welcome addition to homes everywhere.

Dreamfarm not only invents and delivers cleverly simple and useful products, but also as part of their vision, demonstrates this simplicity in very short videos.  If it cannot be demonstrated in this fashion, they know they have not hit the mark and must go back to the drawing board.  However, each product in their growing catalog of innovation bears these traits as proof of delivering on their promise.

More?  Sure.

Supoon is a sit up scraping spoon, with some design elements from Chopula.  Safe for use with non-stick surfaces, it is still rigid enough to scrape pans and bowls with its flat silicone tip.  The generous scoop size adds to serving ease as well as scooping, mixing and stirring. This tools is safe up to 500º, too as well as dishwasher safe (so is Chopula).  Watch the Supoon video at its link on the Supoon page!  Also, like Chopula, Supoon sits up to create less mess on your workspace even without a spoon rest.  That’s one less piece to wash.  I wish only that there was a larger version of this spoon, or, perhaps one with tiny drain holes.  That would be in addition to this fine effort.

Behold Clongs, Dreamfarm’s click-lock, sit up tongs! It just gets better and better.  The bend provides the sit up feature that keeps the mess from counter tops. The lock is at the back end. Just push in to click and lock, then push in to click and unlock.  And the business end, well, it’s those silicone over metal covers that allow gripping as you’d want.  Of course, the silicone means they are good to go up to 500º and they are dishwasher safe.  Need I remind you to watch the video on the Clongs page linked above?

Last up from the assortment of goodies sent by Dreamfarm for my review is (or are?) Scizza, scissors that cleanly cut pizza (and more).  The clever bent blade design makes cutting through fabric a breeze. And the wide base spatula tip on the bottom easily slips under the pizza while you cut above using those 4-inch blades. They sure made quick work of pizza cutting in here at Gadget Central!  The tool fits beautifully in my hand and in the more dainty paws of Mrs. Gadget.  The very sharp German stainless steel mechanism plowed though the thick crust like it was just a piece of string.  The finishing touch is the locking mechanism at the back of the bottom handle shown above. Just close them and flip the lock into place.  Watch the video demo at the linked page above.

Now that you’ve read and watched, don’t you want your own array of Dreamfarm goodies?  Sure you do.  That is the only tough part.  It is not easy to find these simple, elegant and useful items at most retailers and online . . . yet. Here is what I recommend.  From the Dreamfarm home page, peruse the products of interest.  Then, click to “Find a store” on each product page.  Fill in the needed info.  If a retailer is nearby, you are in luck. If not, you can always search for what you want.  Or, and maybe this is best, you can click the link on each product page to “Order now” and buy direct.

The buy direct method has an advantage.  Notice that there is an added charge for shipping.  Notice, too, that there is a statement at the bottom of the window that opens after clicking the “Order now” link.  That statement offers free shipping, yes, FREE shipping in exchange for taking a short survey. Take the survey, get free shipping. Now, that’s a good deal!

I hope you have enjoyed learning about this new-to-you brand of exceptional products and that you will, even more, regard them as products you are pleased to have and use. Perhaps you will get multiples and gift them as well as get them for your own use.

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