Kingston – For computer memory (RAM), flash memory for digital cameras and other handheld devices as well as USB plug-in readers for this memory, USB flash drives and related goodies, this is a great company with top-tier products with which to do business.

Add RAM to an older computer (not too old, mind you, but up to three years old – a RAM upgrade, if eligible and for less than $100, will usually offer dramatic performance benefits. Nice gift!

Buy some digital film to go along with the gift of a digital camera.

Add memory to that new mobile phone or other handheld device.

Gift a card reader or a little flash drive of one or more gigabytes capacity.

Kingston is the trusted name I have relied upon for many, many years for outstanding quality at outstanding prices.   Great tech support is available from them, as well, though it is likely you will not need the support. Still, just in case, it’s nice to know they are there, locally in southern California, if help is needed.

Find what it is you want that is listed on their Website, then copy the product number and Google for best online pricing.  Pricing is so reasonable for all kinds of memory, for computers, digital cameras and for flash memory drives.

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