Unscrew the existing bulb and replace it with a KeepSafe lighting kit.  There, installation is finished!  Convert just about any ordinary table or floor lamp into an automatic safety light whenever the power goes out.

Harmony Lighting’s KeepSafe lighting kit is the first emergency light of its kind. When the power is interrupted, KeepSafe turns on at its emergency lighting level, powered by constantly recharging and ready NiCad batteries.  The diminished emergency lighting level will be maintained for up to approximately 90 minutes.  When the power is restored, the emergency lighting goes out and the lamp either goes dark (as it was) or it powers back on to its normal “On” position.  The user has to do nothing and there is no maintenance required.   There is a small red LED facing downward to indicate charging.

The fluorescent circular bulb uses only 30 watts yet delivers the lighting equivalency of a 75-125 watt incandescent bulb, so it’s also an energy saver.

The KeepSafe light is suitable for lamps with a simple on-off (one light level) switch and without a dimmer.  It is NOT suitable for light fixtures with three light level switches (such as those that use three-way bulbs with three lighting positions).

Once installed, the pull-chain turns the bulb on and off and NOT the lamp’s built-in switch nor any wall switch. In order to remain charged and ready, the device requires constant power.  It is the absence of power that triggers the automatic emergency mode.

KeepSafe carries a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and the non-replaceable rechargeable battery is expected to last for about five years.  The rated lifetime of the bulb is 10,000 hours.

Simple. Effective.  I like that!

More information is at www.harmonylight.com or call 781-740-4006.  I found it online for as little as $30 at Energy Federation Incorporated, 1-800-379-4121.

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