I’ve been having the time of my life enjoying and sharing every type of fancy coffee and espresso beverage using the new Jura IMPRESSA Z7, the most comprehensive and fully automatic machine of its type.  This is an, “Oh, my!” kind of product according to all grind and brew coffee maker reviews that must be seen and put through its coffee and espresso paces to be appreciated.

First, it helps to have a cadre of willing and thirsty fellow participants to join the fun.  To use it alone seems like the kind of overkill one would experience owning one’s personal coffee shop with a customer roster of one – the owner.  So complete and so comprehensive are the capabilities of the Z7 that it boggles the mind.  The Swiss maker, Capresso, has thought of everything in delivering the ultimate luxury coffee beverage experience it promises.

What’s Hot?

• Completely automatic, automated setup

• Fits neatly on nearly any countertop

Burr coffee grinders: Burr-grinds coffee beans from internal reservoir, per cup

• Bypass for ground decaf, other coffees

• Attractive display AND amber LED-illuminated beverage delivery area

• One-touch latte macchiato button with programmed pause to produce distinctive layers

• Similar automatic operations product cappuccino, latte, espresso, high pressure brewed crema coffee and ristretto with one button, without moving the cup

• Programmability to produce desired volume, strength and temperature of the various coffee beverages plus foamy hot chocolate

Fast and quiet, automatically grinds beans, tamps, brews, steams or froths the milk, all in less than 60 seconds, then automatically self-cleans

• Zero energy draw with convenient zero energy switch even when still plugged in

• Highest height-adjustable dual coffee spout on the market – from 3.6 – 6 inches – tall enough for a thermal travel mug

• Jura Butterfly coffee spout that moves in and out in addition to up and down, to accommodate a wider variety of cups

• Includes a height-adjustable cappuccino frother and a newly designed frothing dial

• Includes two stainless-steel ThermoBlock heating systems for no downtime between brewing and frothing

• Uses 15 bars of pressure for perfect extraction of coffee flavors, while producing the perfect crema

• Features large-capacity 96-ounce water tank and 20-ounce thermal stainless steel milk container to keep milk cold and ready to froth or steam for 8 hours

• Ideal for households with multiple coffee drinkers or for entertaining, as well as in the boardroom or small office.

• Two-year manufacture warranty

• For all its professional capabilities, precision operation, perfection, retails for only $2,999 at Sur La Table or call 1-800-243-0852


What’s Not So Hot?



Oh, I know what you’re thinking, wondering how it is that nothing is under the not-so-hot heading.  What about the price?  Simple.  Let’s examine the target audience for this very special product.  It is for households with multiple coffee drinkers.  Check.  It is for families that entertain on a regular basis. Check.  It is ideal for use in a small office or the boardroom.  Check.  If you are one who isn’t into fancy coffee beverages, it’s NOT for you. If you are not a habitué of the high-cost coffee vendors, this is NOT for you.  If you are satisfied with a regular cup of Joe, enjoy it!

On the other hand, if you are in the other camp, put the pencil to it on the company Website.  If you and your “group” spend the amount on coffee drinks that would pay for this product, you’re home free!  If you are all of this AND if you regularly entertain so that your guests would enjoy using the IMPRESSA Z7, all the better!

And that is how I came to place NOTHING in the negatives area.  This product is solid, oozes precision and is as thoughtfully designed as anything I have encountered in this area of comparison.  It has a huge fun factor every time it is in use, too.

Our test group at a small office was eager beavers when it came to trying the Z7.  They unpacked it, watched the packed-in DVD that showed all the capabilities and set it up.  Going through the setup procedure started with selecting the language on the main display.  Next, they followed instructions to fill the water tank.  And so it went.

Other elements of the setup procedure detailed loading in the beans, running water through the unit, installing the water filter element and finally, brewing beverages.

Choices include the Milk button, Latte Macchiato button, Cappuccino button, Special Coffee Button (for choosing strong, two cups at once or other setting deemed special), the Hot Water button, Ristretto button, Espresso button and the Coffee button.

It has taken just a bit of practice to learn how to choose the amount of coffee to brew and to deliver, how to use the frother and how to choose the amount of milk per cup.  Oh, and it must be learned exactly which button to push, and why, as to all the other choices possible. This is a comprehensive and multi-capable gadget!

Now, the group has learned the operation and each is enjoying, in less than ONE minute, beverage after beverage, all day long!  After the morning rush, they switch it off using the hard switch on the lower left at the rear, just forward of the cord.  This is a zero-electricity switch.  Then, as the lunchtime approaches, the next wave of interest is at hand, and on goes the master switch.  The machine sits idle and once a selection is made, in less than 20 seconds the sequence begins.  It heats up that fast.  How amazing is this!

Note that the IMPRESSA Z7 comes with a 20-ounce stainless steel thermal milk container that keeps milk cold all day.  In this way, as well as due to general operational characteristics, the Z7 is ready for action all day long, non-stop if needed.

Filling the 10-ounce bean hopper and closing the lid helps keep the aroma in the coffee longer.  Mmmm. That smell is magnificent.

Users may leave the cup in place when brewing any of the specialty coffee drinks.

For the inexperienced participant, it is quite impressive to see the look on their face as the Z7 burr grinds the coffee and goes through the brewing process.  When the crema is created, that thick, rich layer, and the intense aroma wafts though the immediate area and beyond, it is coffee heaven for all concerned.

Cleaning the spent grounds is easy by simply removing the tray and then its contents.  Using the bypass channel at the top, it is easy to use pre-ground coffee, such as decaf.  Press a button to deliver plain hot water for tea or hot chocolate. To hot chocolate, add a heavy shot of hot and steamy milk for an extra luscious experience.

There is an automatic alert when it is time to do a deeper cleaning with a cleaning tablet.

I hope you are encouraged to learn more, to see all of which this fabulous gadget is capable. Have a look at the product-specific page here.  Look at all it can do! Then have a look here at the brochure.  Now, you are becoming more familiar.  Finally, spend some time going over the manual, right here, either now or later, but do look it over.  I promise, you will be impressed!  See?  I told you!

What won’t it do?  Nothing, really.  This is simply THE machine of its type, without spending even more, or without spending and getting less.  I’ve been around many, many automatic coffee machines, from the old Mr. Coffee machines, to the newer Keurig machines and some high-end specialty machines. Nothing has compared, for function and value, yes value!

OK, so this is not for everyone, but for those who can afford and appreciate it, the IMPRESSA Z7 is without peer at its price!

And what of my test group?  They love it and I love watching them use it.  Each of them, were they asked, would happily pay for each cup, perhaps half of what would be spent on the outside, until the machine is paid for.  Unfortunately, I must return this tester after the holiday season.  The point is that the group in this five-person office feels they would easily pay for the machine in less than two years, even considering the cost of consumables.  Then, once paid for, the only expenses would be to share in the cost of the occasional water filters, cleaning tablets and the coffee and milk. They will spend a fraction per cup per day as compared to the outside, feel satisfied without leaving the office during the day for a special coffee break, and immensely enjoy the numerous pleasures of the variety the IMPRESSA Z7 provides.

Wouldn’t you?

Want more information than is provided at the above links?  Call Capresso at 1-800-767-3554.

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