Still an all time favorite, the JarPop is a kitchen essential for EVERY kitchen and it makes a great gift for anyone you know with mobility issues making it difficult to open vacuum sealed jars.

This is a simple, elegant tool for one purpose – to relieve the pressure from inside a vacuum-sealed jar lid that first time it is opened. It is the quintessential tool for this purpose and that is why, despite the fact that it is NOT new, I want to remind everyone of its benefit.

Simple, effective, idiot-proof.  A JarPop should be in every kitchen’s essential tools drawer. Forget banging the lid on the table edge. Forget soaking in hot water.  Forget all the struggles, whether you’re young or old.  Get JarPop and that’s that.  You really can’t live without it, or at least you shouldn’t live without one.

Available at many retailers, including The Container Store, Linens & Things, Bed Bath & Beyond and most gourmet kitchen supply stores as well as at Retail price is usually about $3.50, so buy a bunch and give one to young and old, for friends, family and anyone starting his or her own home.

I am thrilled to endorse this excellent, essential product!

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