I sort of said it all in the title on this one!

I love roaming the aisles of my local Home Depot. There’s so much to see that’s new and fun. I’d hate for someone to just buy me something from the store.  But, why?

Unless I asked for something specific, I’d rather choose my own goodies from The Home Depot. By purchasing a gift card, I get to take my time to find exactly what I want. This would assure that the gift will not be returned because I shop for and select exactly what it is I want, whether it’s something on my list or a great discovery uncovered while I roam the store.

More ideas are at the Gift Center. Oh, there’s so much to love!  And believe it or not, there are even plenty of electronic gadgets at The Home Depot, too!

For product suggestions, be sure to check out www.homedepot.com and click the Father’s Day link (which will disappear after the big day).

For an ultimate cool dad tool gift, I found this new $349 Ridgid X2 18-volt 5-piece Cordless Combo Kit online only from The Home Depot (I don’t think you’ll find it at other retailers).  It’s all in the bag for dear ol’ handyman dad.

Just look at all those power tools, and they come in that heavy canvas bag!  I’ve seen it and it’s something I’d want for myself.  Be sure to allow for 5-7 business days shipping.  Oh, and I really like the warranty – LIFETIME (including batteries), so how can you go wrong?  You can go wrong, though if dad has to return it, so you can give a gift card for the amount of this gift and with it a printed page or two from the Website showing the kit image, description and a suggestion if you think he’ll like this one. Let HIM sort it out.

As for grads, simple tools are my pick.  Most grads will be either on their own for the first time after high school and off to college or a job, or in their own in a new apartment with a new job after college graduation. Each should have some basic hand or even a few power tools (a power screwdriver, for instance).  For the basics – hammer, pliers, screwdriver set, small toolbox, adjustable wrench and other goodies as needed, the gift card and friendly advice in the tool department are all that are needed. Quality tools built to last are the key. Buy the right ones once, and they’ll be good for life. The really cheap stuff will let you down when you need it most.  Get name brands with lifetime no-questions-asked replacement guarantees.  Figure out the budget needed for the kit you want and give a gift card for the nearest amount. Simple enough?

Your dad or grad can’t lose.  Now, THAT makes sense!

A Home Depot gift card can be ordered in the store or, my favorite, on line.  They NEVER expire and there is no fee for using it.  You know, even though we’re talking about dads ‘n grads, a Home Depot gift card is also a great wedding gift.  I’m just saying. Think about it!

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