Do you remember Punch Out!! for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) from 15 years ago, when it was last on the scene? I do.  I even remember it from the original on plain old NES back in 1987!  It was so much fun.  Now, it’s baaaaack and available for Nintendo Wii, for just $50!

Check out the NEW game’s official site for info.  Certainly one of the biggest names in boxing when it first burst upon the game scene.  I remember back in the day, the original featured none other than Mike Tyson.  Well, Iron Mike’s time has passed and while he is not in the revival of the title for Wii (probably a very good move), the nostalgia of the original is otherwise intact.


Little Mac Vs. Glass Joe

Little Mac Vs. Von Kaiser

Little Mac is back.  He was our favorite underdog and in the new game, he is re-imagined and made more contemporary. Other favorites are also present and ready for action – Glass Joe, King Hippo and trainer Doc Louis, Von Kaiser and others (I don’t want to spoil any surprises).  On the Wii platform, they come alive in cel-shaded 3-D along with hilarious fighting animations and the back stories that are so fondly remembered from the original Punch Out!! series.  They’ve even given us some of the same familiar sounds from the originals.


King Hippo in action!

Even if you are new to Punch Out!!, you’re in for a treat.  Players can obtain special “Star Punches” that allow Little Mac to take more Health from his rival in a single punch. Ah, it’s so much fun!

Kids who give this to dad can also share some special time together because it’s all set for two players to enjoy.  Use the Wii remote (Wii-mote) and Nunchuk controllers to simulate throwing punches.  The Nunchuk is used to throw a left punch and the Wii-mote to through a solid right.

Use the Wii Remote sideways for optional Classic Control, just as dad remembers from the original NES controllers. Use the 1 and 2 buttons along with the cross pad to throw hooks and jabs or to dodge.

In addition, owners of the optional Wii Balance Board can use the board to dodge left and right in conjunction with the other controllers.  Dad can get a little exercise, too!

Now, go back to the Punch Out!! page and explore to see the video trailer and to learn about game play, players, controls and, of course the history going back to 1987.  Search online for “punch out for nintendo” and find fan sites as well as other nostalgia from the original so fondly remembered.  Watch some of the YouTube videos you will find.  If you don’t come away smiling after exploring the official site, then maybe this isn’t for you or your dad.  I just cannot imagine that you won’t find as I did that you can’t wait to get it and to play.  That’s another important point to share with you.

Speaking of playing with toys, this is one that represents value.  For only $50, users will be provided with hour after hour, into days and months of enjoyment and pure unadulterated fun.  Playing alone is a different experience than playing with two people. There are levels upon levels and even if in the unlikely event dear old dad beats the game, there are special things in store once the top level is achieved.  So, spread out the fun times and enjoy regular or occasional play that will put smiles on players’ and spectators’ faces alike.  This is fun at its finest, folks!

The action game is rated 10+ (Everyone 10 and Older) – Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief.

If you’ve got a Nintendo Wii system, get this game to share with dad. If you don’t yet have Wii, this is a great reason to make the investment and have family fun with the remarkable Nintendo Wii and games like Punch Out!!

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