I know it’s a dumb question, asking if you want to save money, but I asked with purpose. It’s second nature to some, but not to all, that using the Discover card pays cash back, and at this time of year, often much more than customary.  Sometimes we need a reminder.

And so it is with Discover cards.  As a cardholder, you are already accustomed to getting that cash back and spending it as you wish or to help pay your bill.  And many of us are tempted to pay cash or to use another card in our wallets, not necessarily with forethought. So, the message is simple and clear – get more cash back as I will explain.


Members can go to the account center at discover.com and then to Shop Discover once there.  Use this exclusive shopping portal to make purchases online at nearly 200 merchants. These include Best Buy, Macy’s and The Home Depot that offer 5-20% cash back year round.  During back-to-school time, a number of merchants are providing even MORE cash back rewards and exclusive deals.

Remember, log on to your account and start shopping.  Discover.com/shopdiscover. Not a member?  Log on and apply online!

What are you waiting for???  Go!  Shop!

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